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10 Beautiful Interior Stone Wall Ideas to Inspire Your Home

If you are looking for best interior stone wall ideas to incorporate stone into your living room then here are 10 designs that you can consider. The living room is the heart of your house. It is the only place in your house where you spend the most time in whether as an individual or with your family and friends. So, decorating this place is key when you to change the interior of your house.

10 Elegant Interior Stone Wall Ideas for Your Home

A living room is the only area which is seen by all your guest and for this reason making it look beautiful is essential. There are many ways that you can be used to beautify your living room and one of the most effective out of them all is by including a stone wall.

Stonewall design changes the visual appearance of the room giving it a rustic and earthy look with a modern touch. The contrasting color schemes, types, arrangement, texture and varieties of stone used gives you ample options to experiment and choose the right design.

1. Small Wall Big Impact in Kitchen Design


Hues of different tones of brownstones mixed make this element into a complex yet simple element will elevate your living room. The furniture paired with this stone wall will not only be a stylish interior décor of your house.

2. Classic Italian Brick Kitchen Arch


The stacked stone aspen design is a very unique element despite being an imitation of a regular stone panel but the texture of this wall is what differentiates it from the regular stone panel.

3. Pocket Doors Make Stone Feel Like Home


4. A Bath by the Fire


5. Modernist by Nature Quarried Stone Wall


The whites are trending more than ever! This white decorative element in your living room will give the illusion of a vast space which makes it suitable for small apartments. This elegant bedroom interior design is brought together with the help of the beautiful wall cladding in a light hue. The seemingly simple texture and look of the cladding powerfully enhance the bolder features that have gone into the design for this space.

6. Stone Heart of the Home


The classic brown brick wall adds a vintage look to your living room Paired with the right furniture you can amaze your guests with your interior designing skills just by adding this simple element in your living room.

7. Gothic Interior Stone Wall Ideas


Grey just like white is a classic color and a grey stone blend not only adds a vintage look but visually reminds you of the lodges you stay at in your ski trips. The grey stone blend will remind you of very rustic life and with a fireplace, the pair is just cosmic.

8. Egyptian Revival Sophistication with Stone Insets


9. A Modern Interpretation of Primitive Masonry


Plain white walls for the background are a passé. This stone-clad white wall is doing all the right things for the statement wall in the living room. It works great with the warmth of the natural brown of the furniture and adds to the overall brightness of the space.

10. Surprisingly Airy All Stone Kitchen


Like all stone’s limestone has a different texture. This is your white stone panel with a twist. The texture of this stone and the color is your white stone wall elevated. And the arrangement is a bonus.

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