Marble Benchtops have a slight shine that gives them an appearance of elegance that may lend timeless ambiance to any home. Marble is luminous and sumptuous, with a sharp brilliance that soapstone, granite, and man-made materials simply can’t match. While Marble is unquestionably one of the most beautiful natural stones in the world, certain kinds are even more distinctive and gorgeous. The magnificent Calacatta Marble, a lovely, high-end natural stone, is one of these kinds. 



History of Calacatta Marble

Calacatta, which is quarried near Carrara, Italy, is noted for being more distinguished. It has a unique appearance—most frequently white with strong dark veining, like Calacatta Statuario with its strong intricate designs and striking dark grey veining, and Calacatta Oro with its pure white base and dramatic deep grey veining.

The best Marble used throughout the Roman Empire comes from the Carrara quarry in Tuscany, where Calacatta is also produced. Homeowners and interior designers prefer Calacatta Marble as it is regarded as more exotic and luxurious. With appropriate maintenance, it may last a lifetime. 

Can Calacatta Marble Be Used as a Benchtop?

Calacatta Marble has a unique appearance and has a strong, powerful veining that creates a striking impression. Because of its clean, delicate coloration, this natural stone is in great demand among interior designers and architects for luxury interior projects. White and grey are the most common colors found in Calacatta Marble. Other varieties include hues of green, blue, gold, and violet. These colors combined with a white backdrop create a neutral appeal. This basic appeal can be matched with materials such as light or dark woods and is ideal for highlighting or downplaying particular architectural aspects within your project area.

Calacatta Marble Benchtops should be at the top of your choice if you want a style that is both classic and current. Here are five reasons why Calacatta marble would make an excellent Kitchen Benchtop:

  • It’s Reputable 

While both Carrara and Calacatta marble originate in Tuscany in the Apuan mountain range, the latter has fewer quarries from which to harvest it. Carrara, in other words, is more prevalent because it is more plentiful. 

  • Magnificent Look 

Calacatta Marble has a stronger and more dramatic look than Carrara Marble, which has delicate veining that provides a very subtle contrast with the stone’s color. The designs are clearer and appear to be heavier. Additionally, the veining may be colored blue, grey, or even gold.

  • Many Variations 

Calacatta Marble comes in as many varieties as Carrara Marble. The gold veining in the stones excavated from the Borghini quarry in Tuscany is renowned for creating a stunning reflection in natural light. It’s a great option if your Kitchen Benchtop gets a good amount of light. Calacatta Statuario is a more affordable and gorgeous option for a dramatic appeal and Calacatta Oro has gentler veining on a pristine white background. 

  • Boosts Value of Home 

Some homebuyers search for properties that mention Calacatta Marble in the description. Not every buyer intends to install their benchtops. Many people like to bid on homes that already have their chosen type of natural stone installed.

  • Easy to Maintain 

Calacatta Marble may be thought of as a beautiful stone that is also an investment, which means it requires special care. Maintaining your Calacatta Kitchen Benchtop is not only simple but also pleasant with marble and granite cleaners.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Marble

The traditional appearance of Calacatta Marble comes with a grand appeal. Marble is a beautiful benchtop material that gives any area an aristocratic feel. Used by many home designers to create some of the most magnificent residences, this lovely material has the following advantages:

  • Affordability 

Marble is affordable compared to other natural stone benchtop materials, despite its opulent appearance. Marble is generally less expensive than granite or quartz, but prices vary based on the specific kind and thickness chosen.

  • Durability 

Because Marble is a natural stone, it resists scratching, cracking, and breaking better than many other benchtop materials. Because marble is softer than granite, it’s simple to include appealing design features like ornamental borders into the process.

  • Distinction 

Man-made benchtop materials have a limited ability to look exactly like Marble. Each piece of Marble is distinct in appearance since it was formed naturally from sedimentary dolomite or limestone rock. Marble’s wide spectrum of hues and tints is determined by its origin and mix of minerals in limestone. The beautiful and unusual veining in this stone stems from impurities trapped in the limestone. 

  • Heat Resistance 

Professional chefs and home bakers have traditionally liked Marble because it stays cool, making it excellent for rolling out pastry. Marble Benchtops are also heat resistant, which is not often known. Marble will not burn up but the sealant can get damaged if hot items are kept directly on it. 

  • Longevity 

Marble has a long history of use as a building material, thus it is capable of surviving for decades. If marble is placed and sealed by professionals, you can enjoy its beauty for a lifetime with proper care. 

  • Availability  

In the market, Marble is readily accessible. Marble, unlike quartz or other minerals, may be found at any stone fabricator or stone yard. You should have no problem choosing the perfect marble style and quality for your home due to its popularity.

Here, at Avant Stone, we have the gorgeous Calacatta Statuario. The stunning dark grey veining and sharp geometric patterns of Calacatta Statuario make it a very popular choice. This stone would suit soft blue-green aesthetics. Colors like marshmallow white, teal, navy blue, ocean green would complement this stone. 

We also have the wonderful Calacatta Oro. One of the most coveted Marbles on the planet, this Marble’s pure white background contrasts with the dramatic warm grey veining. Utilized for ages in high-end luxury developments, the majestic appeal of this stone makes it one of the most sought-after Marbles in the Avant Stone collection. This stone would suit golden-brown aesthetics. Colors like gold, mahogany, bronze, beige, and dark gray would suit this stone. 

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