Top 5 DIY Repurposing Ideas Of Five Gallon Buckets : Its Very unique

I would have saved so many five gallon buckets if I had checked these super useful DIY reuse ideas using empty 5 gallon buckets earlier. Till last year I had no idea there were so many creative useful things can be done with used old 5-gallon buckets. They just lie around in my store room, taking up space.

Five gallon buckets certainly don’t get much respect. They are tossed around work sites, covered in paint or are filled with grungy water while washing the car.
Now I know their uses, so here I am to share these useful project with you guys.

There are so many cool ways to turn those old empty buckets into things that can be useful for your garden,backyard, or camping. These bucket uses are simple, affordable and worth trying!

If you’ve got a few unused empty buckets in your home, then there are 5 great ways to reuse five gallon buckets. Grab some a five gallon bucket or two, because there are dozens of do-it-yourself projects you could be starting.

1. DIY Five Gallon Bucket Patio Table

If you wish to have a little side table for your front deck but do not want to spend any money. What to do is your question? Then look around all your stuff and figure something out using a five gallon bucket, paint and Dollar Store glass marbles. With this DIY idea, turn that empty five gallon bucket into a beautiful table and decorate it with glass marbles/ glass beads. Its not that difficult and looks so stunning. Source/Tutorial: hometalk

2. DIY Upcycled Bucket Rocket Stove

I love outdoor cooking, it helps to go close to mother earth. This rocket stove is great for cooking outdoors. Also you can take this with you while going for camping. It’s very easy to make by reusing an empty five gallon bucket. Check this step by step tutorial.Source/Tutorial: rootsimple

3. DIY Bucket Compost Tea Brewer

You can reuse 5 gallon bucket to make this DIY compost bin. How cool is that? You can make compost at home to keep your plants healthy and happy. Even if you have never made your DIY compost, today is the day to start. Give this DIY a try and see the result. Source/Tutorial: finegardening

4. DIY Portable Camping Toilet

Have you ever imagined that you can make a portable toilet by simply reusing a 5 gallon bucket? Here, just line the bucket with the trashbag, slip the slit pool noodle over the edge for a toilet seat and attach a roll of TP to the metal handle. Instant, Portable Potty with no fuss! This is wonderful for camping, long car trips where you don’t necessarily want to use public restrooms (especially with little kids!), etc.
What do you think? Source/Tutorial: budget101

5. Build a chicken coop watering system using 5 Gallon Bucket

If you are planning to raise chichkens in your farmhouse then here is nice DIY for you. This chicken coop watering system ia made by recycling a five Gallon BucketIt is so easy to make. Since it hardly cost any money you can make as many chicken coop watering system as you wish. Source/Tutorial: avianaquamiser

How many of these amazing ideas do you think you’ll attempt this year? Recycled 5-gallon plastic buckets are typically fifteen inches tall and twelve inches in diameter. They are excellent for use in the home, garden, and workshop due to their durability and size.

Using recycled 5-gallon plastic buckets benefits both your wallet and the planet.

I hope you will try atleast one of these amazing DIY repurposing ideas using a five gallon bucket.  Wishing you an amazing happy crafting time 🙂

There are some more uses of recycled 5 gallon buckets:

  1. Mixing concrete or other materials
  2. Covering roses or other plants in winter
  3. Organizing toys in a child’s room or playroom
  4. Preventing items from rolling around in the back of your car
  5. Holding flowers, storing mulch, or placing compost scraps
  6. Storing unused paint (with lids)
  7. Holding and transporting fishing gear
  8. Storing balls and sports equipment
  9. Carrying and storing cleaning supplies

Thats all for today guys, I hope you had an amazing time here. Do visit our website again for more DIY crafts ideas. Meantime you can connect with us on  Pinterest and Facebook.

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