8 Stylish DIY T Shirt Makeover Projects And Ideas

diy refashion t shirt style

Everyone loves T-Shirt. Its the most comfortable clothing to wear on earth.

With so much going for it, no wonder that most of us hate to throw away our favorite T-shirts.

Well, good news is “You don’t have to”.

If you have old T-shirts in your wardrobe and are looking for ideas then you are absolutely on the right page.

With below diy t shirt ideas instead of throwing your old T shirts in the garbage, you can easily re-use them and make something stylish.

So parting with your favorite t-shirt is no more hard.

Have a wonderful look.

And hey be ready with your old or oversize t-shirts to refashion them.

1.) DIY Neon Yellow Striped T-shirt

diy t shirt 4
 Check out the full DIY tutorial HERE

2.) Glitter Striped Top

diy t shirt 5Check out the full DIY tutorial HERE

3.) Doily Embellished Shirt

diy t shirt 3Check out the full DIY tutorial HERE

4.) DIY Embellished T-Shirt

diy t shirt 6Check out the full DIY tutorial: trinketsinbloom.com

5.) DIY. Crochet Trim Seam

diy t shirt 1Check out the full DIY tutorial HERE

6.) DIY T-Shirt Refashion

diy t shirt Check out the full DIY tutorial HERE

 7.) DIY. Doily Blouse

diy t shirt 2
 Check out the full DIY tutorial HERE

8.) DIY Refashoin Tshirt

diy refashion t shirt


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