This is Most WTF Halloween Decoration To Scare Your Neighbors. Well, You’ll See Why.

Everyone loves Halloween and to be scared right? At least as long as it’s from the comfort of your own home. Halloween is quickly approaching and I am sure you must have many spooky ideas of  Halloween Food and Costumes.

To select the perfect Halloween costume and delicious spooky food can take more time and I am sure its ridiculously stressful .

Now its time to be more innovative for this year’s Halloween decorations, and oh, the real horror. 

When the ordinary pumpkin and candy decorations just won’t cut it this Halloween, go for scary.

To fulfill your this goal,  how about this ultimate Halloween decoration for your front porch.

Meet “The Chair Screamer.”

scary halloween decorations ideas propsImgur

This scary machine for Halloween is built by Poison Props. Poison Props is a Halloween animatronic company that builds monsters for haunted houses.

The weight of this chair is around 210 pounds and it comes for $2240 plus shipping.

So its not that cheap deal but if you have it then you get the power to terrify your neighbors and make your Halloween decoration more scary.

Check out this video. Warning. Its quite loud.



Oh god, this is awesome! I will definitely start saving for this masterpiece for next year.

Beware of this chair, neighborhood kids! Hahaha!! 

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