10 Unique Halloween Costumes For Kids

Halloween is just around the corner, so I assume that you’ve got your pets dressed up for Halloween and your Halloween food ready. Now its time to show off your hidden creativity and be the hit of your Halloween festivities with fun and quirky Halloween costumes for your kids.

You will be surprised by the the ideas these children and their parents came up with. Its just so impressive.

Your kids would be definitely successful in getting bags of free candy with these awesome terrifying costumes. 

And even if you don’t have kids, I am sure you’ll appreciate the creativity behind some of these costumes.

Take a look!

1.) This Cute Lil Monkey

 Kids Halloween costumesMary Ann Moses

2.) Albert Einstein

Kids Halloween costumesImgur

3.) Abraham Lincoln

Kids Halloween costumesproskuneoAmy

4.) Old Lady

Kids Halloween costumesAngie

5.) Spaghetti and Meatballs

Kids Halloween costumesbrandyjblog

6.) Vincent Van Gogh

Kids Halloween costumesohhappyday

7.) Aerobics Instructor

Kids Halloween costumesHuffington Post

8.) Frida Kahlo

Kids Halloween costumesohhappyday

9.) Ace Ventura

Kids Halloween costumescostume–works


10.) Troll on Your Back

Kids Halloween costumescostume-works.com

11.) Olaf from Frozen

Kids Halloween costumesAmynerdsdib

12.) Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy

Kids Halloween costumesnerdsdib

13.) Zombie

Kids Halloween costumes jack35

14.) Maleficent

Kids Halloween costumesAmber Bauerle

15.) Carl from Up

Kids Halloween costumesauburnsoul

16.) Frodo from Lord of the Rings

Kids Halloween costumesImgur

17.) Taco

Kids Halloween costumesrawxy

18.) Mermaid

Kids Halloween costumesKylie and Family

19.) Andy Warhol

Kids Halloween costumesohhappyday

20.) Alex from A Clockwork Orange

Kids Halloween costumesImgur

21.) Edward Scissorhands

Kids Halloween costumesCara Slifka

22.) Chewbacca and Princess Leia from Star Wars

Kids Halloween costumescostume–works

23.) Hannibal Lecter from Silence of the Lambs

Kids Halloween costumesBoredPanda

24.) Minecraft

Kids Halloween costumesawajisteve

25.) Elephant

Kids Halloween costumesHuffington Post

26.) Power Loader from Alien

Kids Halloween costumesImgur

27.) Man Without a Head

Kids Halloween costumesimgur

28.) Do you want to train this Dragon?

children halloween costumes27ThousandPaws

29.) Elliot and E.T.

Kids Halloween costumesrookiemoms

30.) This Glowing Stick-figure Toddler


(via BoredPanda)

If you don’t have a Halloween costume for your kid yet, you better get to thinking about one as soon as possible.  
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