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Illuminate your home with these 25 unique candle holder ideas

You’re definitely going to want these 35+ DIY candle holders to decorate your home! Get creative Unique Candle Holders for decoration. Candle holders have been one of the most popular forms of household décor for hundreds of years. Before electricity, candles were a cheap and accessible form of light. Candle holders were both functional and fashionable, lowering fire risk while making the light more portable. As time went on, the demand for decorative candle holders grew as homes sought to demonstrate their wealth through the opulence of their everyday décor.

25 Candle Holder Ideas for Your Home

Today’s candle holder ideas have literal worlds of inspiration from which to draw. Rustic utilitarian styles are in again, but so are opulent candlesticks incorporating silver, gold, and gemstones. From modern block votives to Persian pottery balls, the style options are endless. Candles are no longer a nighttime necessity, but they’re certainly a staple of any well appointed home.

If you love candle holder ideas, you’re going to want to check out this list. There are options for every style and type of decor.

1. Trio of Pierced Persian Pottery Votives

Looking for something special for your wedding reception table decorations? This trio of pierced pottery tea lights is also perfect for anyone looking to add unexpected textures to their rustic décor. Each ceramic lantern is carved by hand then fired and finished with an ivory glaze. They measure just under 4″ in diameter and rest on a matching presentation tray measuring approximately 13 1/4″ x 5″.

2. Naturally Stained Red Wine Barrel Candle Display

You don’t have to be a wine lover to appreciate the history behind this custom candle display. Each candleholder is constructed from a salvaged stave off a French Bordeaux wine barrel. The bottom side of this White Oak stave has been naturally stained from years of exposure to the red wine it once held. Measures 20 1/2″ x 2 1/2″.

3. Scandinavian Style Modernist Beech Wood Tea Lights

This beautiful quartet of unfinished beech wood tea lights is a blank canvas for your next craft. Paint them, stain them, stencil them, or cover them in decoupage. You can even leave them as-is for a bare but beautiful minimalist touch. Each tea light holder measures 2″ in diameter, making it easy to tuck them into unexpected places.

4. Two Dozen Hanging Glass Terrarium Candle Globes

Want the lighting at your wedding to be out of this world romantic? These 24 delicate glass candle orbs have glass bottoms so they can hold both LED and flame tea lights. They can be hung from virtually anywhere using twine, ribbon or wire as it suits your wedding décor, and they can also sit flat on tables.

5. Rustic Tree Stump Tea Light Holder

If you love the rustic aesthetic and want an accent that you can use again and again, then these wooden pillars are a killer candle holder idea. They are sold as a set of three measuring 3″, 4″, and 5″ tall to help you create easy levels. Perfect for a winter wedding or country Christmas displays! Tip: These are only safe for use with battery-operated tea lights.

6. Silver/Gold Gilded Natural Agate Candle Lamps

Nothing pairs better with candlelight than the natural beauty of agate. Electric tea lights fit snugly into the hollowed interior of a blue, pink, purple, teal, or neutral-colored stone. The candleholder can be finished in gold or silver to better reflect the light. These also double as eye-catching cactus or succulent planters.

7. Shot Through with Hearts Brass Candle Cup

Treat yourself to one or two of these must-have vintage metal candle cups with pierced heart designs. One has small hearts and the other has large hearts. Both feature an aged brass finish. These are the perfect vintage touch for a wide variety of old school interiors. Each cup measures 6cm x 8cm.

8. Snow Capped Mountain Candleholder Concept

Bring the majesty of the great outdoors indoors with this beautiful snowcapped mountain candleholder. Each candleholder is constructed of ash wood with a hand cut veneer overlay. The candleholder holds two standard sized tea lights. This makes a sweet housewarming gift or an ideal addition to your cabin décor.

9. Amsterdam and Stockholm Architectural Candle Lanterns

Pay homage to two of the most beautiful cities in the world with this striking pair of zinc tin candle lanterns modeled after the famous architecture of Stockholm and Amsterdam. Tea lights flicker warmly through tiny rows of windows. Each measures approximately 13″ tall. Tip: The cut edges of the metal can be sharp, so handle with care.

10. Antique Look Turned Wood Candlesticks

If you love the antique look of traditional turned wood candlesticks, then you’re going to love this unfinished tulip-form trio. Leave them unfinished to enjoy a more distressed look over time, or paint them to match your wedding colors. You will receive one 11″, one 9″, and one 6 3/4″ tall candlestick. Each comes with a complimentary silver or gold candle cup by request.

11. Magical Moroccan Pierced Floral Lantern

Just look at the stunning shadows this traditional Moroccan lantern throws. You have your choice of antique silver, distressed silver, solid gold, or white with distressed gold finish. You also have your choice of over two dozen ribbon accents, making it easy to get it already outfitted with your wedding colors. Each lantern measures just under 9 1/2″ tall and 4″ in diameter.

12. Wooden Tangram Puzzle Hanukkah Menorah

How amazing is this modular menorah? The nine handmade mahogany pieces come in a matching tray which can be used to serve snacks when they are removed. Add some fun to your Hanukkah festivities by creating a new image with your menorah every night. This is a product of Israel and comes in a custom fabric packaging bag ready for gifting.

13. Empowering Engraved Reiki Symbol Votive Holder

Harness universal energy with this votive holder engraved with one of six different Reiki symbols. You have your choice of: focus, harmony, connection, empowerment, rei-ki, or om. You can also choose a clear or frosted finish. Each piece is blessed by the Reiki master that created it.

14. Green Stained Glass Flower Candle Stand

For a holiday decoration that’s truly special, consider this hand cut stained glass flower candle stand. Each petal is cut, ground smooth, and then edged in copper foil and soldered together. The end product is a beautiful, multi-layered Christmas candleholder measuring 15cm wide.

15. Faceted Concrete Marble Look Tea Light

Cop a bit of brutalist style by buying one (or a dozen) of these daring geometric concrete tea light holders. Each one features a finished, faceted look meant to mimic real marble. These make an unexpected accent at wedding receptions or the perfect finishing touch in modernist interiors. Each one comes with a subtly scented tea light.

16. Moroccan Inspired Copper Filigree Mason Jar Lantern

If you just can’t get enough of boho chic, then you need to see these stunning Moroccan inspired mason jar candle lanterns. Each one features a custom copper overlay. Get it with a lid for easy tabletop storage or with wire for hanging. The paint is baked on, making it both water and weather-resistant so that each jar also doubles as a vase.

17. Brass Wrapped Raw Quartz Candle Holder

You don’t have to believe in Reiki to see the beauty of this natural quartz candle holder, but it sure doesn’t hurt. Bring the healing power of raw quartz to your home or office with this brass-wrapped, quartz point formation. Each one is completely unique and comes with an informational leaflet making it an ideal gift for stressed friends and family.

18. Faceted Copper and Glass Polyhedron

This striking geometric terrarium is crafted from 2mm glass and framed in metal. One side is left open so that you can easily insert a tea light or other accents like faux snow, sand, or succulents. Choose between four finishes: glossy black, silver, copper, or rustic copper. Each polyhedron measures approximately 3 1/2″ tall and 4″ wide.

19. Vintage 3 Taper Brass Rococo Candelabra

hey just don’t make them like they used to, which is why you need this elegant vintage rococo style candelabra. Its shiny brass finish has been polished by time for added character. An embossed base and gilded candle cups make the perfect platform for classic white tapers. Measures 7 1/2″ tall and 7 1/4″ wide.

20. Old World Elegance with Silver Plated Chamberstick

Embrace the best of Victorian design with this lovely antique silver plated chamberstick. The plate has shined up well but also shows the warm patina of regular use. A subtly scalloped underplate and fluted cup are further embellished with a functional thumb rest and the original matching snuffer. Measures 6″ in diameter – the ideal size for your bedside table.

21. Keep the Home Fires Burning Log Candleholder

This woodsy centerpiece doubles as a three light candleholder. Previous owners rave about its rustic appearance and long-term durability and versatility. Use it in your wedding arrangements, then take it home to integrate into cozy cottage or cabin décor. Because each candleholder is made from real tree branches, they come embellished with natural lichen and moss.

22. Spiky Sea Urchin Porcelain Accessory Bowl

The breathtaking beauty of this sea urchin inspired porcelain bowl is undeniable. In fact, the design was recognized by Bon Appetit magazine a couple years ago. A rough exterior reflects the texture of the real thing while a snowflake glaze helps the interior reflect light. Each bowl is handmade and thus one of a kind.

23. Customized Unity Wedding Candle Holder Idea

Proclaim your love in style with this rustic, customized unity candle display. All three pieces are carved wood with a warm, aged stain. The center pillar holder is embellished with jute twine and a country heart keepsake monogrammed with the wedding couple’s last initial. This makes an ideal selection for barn wedding altars and sweetheart tables.

24. Shabby and Chic Hexagonal Concrete Candleholder

This sweet hexagonal tealight holder combines the humblest of materials with the finest. A hexagonal concrete design is dipped in your choice of rose gold, yellow gold, copper, silver, or brass. To make your selection feel extra special, it comes beautifully wrapped with two tealights. Tip: The metal portion of the holder will get warm, so handle with care.

25. Moroccan Mystique Arabian Nights Candle Lantern

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Capture the magic of the storyteller Scheherazade by hanging one of these lovely Moroccan inspired candle lanterns. Each pierced metal lantern is hand-finished in your choice of bronze, rustic, distressed silver, distressed gold, or pure white. You can further customize your new lighting with over two dozen ribbon colors. Each lantern measures 8″ tall and 4″ wide.

A famous spiritual leader once said, “A little bit of light dispels a lot of darkness.” If you love candlelight, then you can appreciate the literal logic of that quote. Why not bring a little more light into your own life or the life of someone you love by selecting one of the 25 beautiful candle holders above?

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