How to Turn Your Home Into an Upscale Lounge For New Year

New Year’s Eve is one of the most universally celebrated holidays. While other holidays are celebrated by different people in different cultures, New Year’s Eve is one that one that is enjoyed by all kinds of people all over the globe.

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While the new year is celebrated at almost any establishment from upscale lounges to local hole-in-the-wall diners, there are certain places that people prefer to celebrate the new year, if they are not celebrating at their home.

Among these places are upscale lounges or nightclubs. Aside from Times Square in New York City (which is chock full of these upscale venues, by the way), these places are often the very first thing that people think about when they want to celebrate the new year.

They prefer these kinds of places because it makes them feel festive as well as important.

Now ask yourself this question: What if there was a way to have my home resemble an upscale lounge, this way the people important to me can celebrate the new year at my home instead of driving somewhere and risking getting into a car accident or a run in with law enforcers?

Not only is this possible, but it is simple and in many cases, is cost effective.

Why it is not a good idea to celebrate the new year outside of the home

Because New Year’s Eve is one of the most celebrated holidays and because of the very festive nature of the holiday, it is not ideal to celebrate the new year outside of the home. Going to an upscale lounge or a downtown strip for New Year’s Eve means that you will need to deal with very large crowds that can make the experience overwhelming.

Additionally, law enforcers know that a lot of people who celebrate the new year make the very questionable decision to drive under the influence of alcohol and other drugs. Therefore, they see no qualms in being a bit more aggressive when keeping the streets safe, and it is very likely to be stopped by law enforcers on New Year’s Eve on your way home when everything closes.

Celebrating New Year’s Eve at your home and inviting everybody important to you can eliminate a lot of this.

Creating the upscale lounge environment

Aside from making the usual house party preparations, you will also need to set up the lighting in your home to reflect an upscale lounge. Most of these places are very dark but have warm colored lighting throughout the area that is not as bright as the lighting in a bar or a nightclub, but not too dim to where the place is very dark.

If you take the time to check out images of upscale lounges all over the world, you’ll notice one thing. The soft lighting effect is the one thing that separates upscale lounges from other entertainment venues.

This can be accomplished in a number of ways. One way is to use battery powered candles. These are candles that do not need to be physically lit.

Another way to do this is to use neon signs. Neon signs are not what they used to be, and nowadays it is possible to customize neon signs for any kind of environment. Decorating the interior of a home is no exception. Combining soft light fixtures with neon lights will provide the type of lighting that reflects most upscale lounges.

It is not only possible, but very easy to utilize neon signs in your home to create transform your home into an upscale environment that will make this upcoming New Year’s Eve celebration an unforgettable experience for yourself as well as anybody who you want to invite.

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