15 Creative Diy Paper Lanterns Ideas to Brighten Your Home: Part 2

diy paper lanterns2

Paper lanterns and lamps are one the most creative and elegant ways to decorate your house.

Nowadays, you can see many paper lanterns being used worldwide for events like weddings, birthdays, festivals and parties.

You can enhance your party decoration by transforming some ordinary paper lanterns into eye-catching designer lamps.  

Like other gifts, Paper lanterns can be a great homemade gift

Whether you’re hosting a outdoor party in the summer or an indoor Christmas celebration, these DIY paper lanterns will definitely welcome your guests .

To make these home made lamps all you need is some papers , glue and a few other things you are likely to get at home.

These paper lanterns are easy to make and can be used to match any decor or to suit any occasion.

And hey, just be eco-friendly and request you to recycle and reuse old paper and other stuff if possible.

1.) DIY Ruffled Paper Lantern

homemade Ruffled Paper LanternVia

2.) DIY Paper Plates Lamp

diy paper lanternsSource

3.) DIY  Plastic Cups Paper Lantern

DIY Creative-paper-lanterns-decorations1Via

4.) DIY Turn Leggings Into A Lampshade

diy paper lanterns1Source

5.) DIY Tissue Paper Lantern

DIY Creative-paper-lanterns-decorationsVia

6.) DIY Designer Yarn Lamp

diy paper lanterns2Source

7.) DIY Pop Top Lamp


8.) DIY Hornet Nest Lamp



9.) DIY Paper Lantern From Book

paper lantern diy1Tutorial

10.) Diy Paper Lanterns – Lets make it colorful

diy paper lanterns4Source

11.) Homemade Paper Lantern DIY

easy homemade Paper LanternsSource

 11.) Easy Paper Lantern:

You can make it with easily available templates

home made paper lanterns

diy paper lanterns6Source


12.)  DIY Plastic Cup Lamp for Party


13.) DIY Tin Can Lamp


14.) DIY Paper Lantern


15.) DIY Japanese Chinese Lantern

paper lantern diySource

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Aren’t they pretty and adorable?  With these DIY Paper lantern ides bring warmth to a house.

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