This Incredible DIY Cloud Lighting Will Blow Your Mind : DIY Home Decor

Want to make cool DIY room decor?  Here’s another fun little project that’s actually pretty unique, and will add some flare to your room.

This fun and easy DIY idea is a cool project for teens to make with string lights and a couple of paper lanterns – we think it is really awesome.

The concept of making your own clouds sounds like something out of a fairy take, but of course we mean crafts! The beauty of having DIY skills is that you can make almost anything you like come to life in at least some capacity. 

This DIY cloud makes a perfect gift, decoration for a baby shower or wedding, or would be great just hanging in your bedroom as a cute, unexpected touch!

Make your room look heavenly with these light up cloud lamps

This is our today’s featured DIY Project. Learn how to make it with below step by step tutorial.

Tutorial : How To Make A Cloud Light

diy home decoration cloud lighting

This video teaches you how to create an incredible cloud lamp using just a few simple materials! The finished lights look really surreal. While they are plenty cool in the video, they are even more beautiful and unusual in real life.

This DIY Cloud Light Will Bring A Thunderstorm Right Into Your Bedroom. Give this project a try; you will love the results. This would be a really fun project to do with the kids. 

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