How To Make A Bookmark Easily At Home : Easy DIY Crafts

A person who loves to read, know the importance of bookmark. Are you looking for a How To Make A Bookmark At Home kind of ideas?

Or just need some corner bookmarks ideas or designs? We love making them and have already made a ton, it’s one of the coolest DIY you or your kids can do. It’s a simple origami paper craft that’s perfect for kids and beginners and as you’ll soon see there are lots and lots of ways you can design your own.

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Learn how to make different types of bookmarks with all of these tips, techniques, and ideas below.
Here’s 10 different ways to make your own bookmarks, whether for yourself or a friend!

Lets get started! Have fun!

1. ‘How To Train Your Dragon’ based Bookmark

How To Make A Bookmark Easily At Home

If you had watched the movie How to Train Your Dragon, then you might wish to make this cute little dragon bookmark. Its easy to make on your bookmark from scratch, only with paper, scissors, and glue.

This tutorial from redtedart also gives you a printable template. So its super easy, all you have to do it is assemble and glue it. Follow this step by step tutorial on how to make this DIY bookmark.Tutorial/Source:

2. Mermaid Bookmark

How To Make A Bookmark Easily At Home

This is a DIY cute mermaid bookmark has unique design and details. You can start by cutting the back part of the bookmark into a mermaid’s tail. Feel free and be creative, use different colored papers and sketches to make the mermaid’s face, hair, and other accessories. To make it more attractive, you can even embellish the whole bookmark with sequins and other glittery decorations. Tutorial/Source:

3. Hug-a-book Puppy Bookmark

How To Make A Bookmark Easily At Home

Since we have already listed different animal shaped bookmarks already, I think it’s time to feature a bookmark for dog lovers as well. This is a hug-a-book dog bookmark , but its easy to make. The material you need is a white card, brown paper, glue stick, markers and a pair of scissors.

Start by cutting the white card into a rectangular piece and glue a drawing of a dog face, ears and paws on it. This cute little bookmark is looks so adorable on the book. Literally it pops of the page and you could use this DIY Bookmark Tutorial to make bookmarks with other animal faces too. Tutorial/Source:

4. Ruffled Ribbon Bookmark

How To Make A Bookmark Easily At Home

This is a handmade bookmark made of ruffled ribbon, which can also be used as a journal wrap. The material used to make this bookmark, a strip of elastic and a ribbon.

All you have to do is, make ruffles with the ribbon by making small folds and stitching them together in a compact manner. Then, attach this ruffled ribbon to strip elastic to make the bookmark.

If you wish to give perfect finished look to this DIY bookmark project then you may need a sewing machine.  Check out this How To Make A Bookmark Easily At Home guide.   Tutorial/Source:

5. Origami Kitten Bookmark

How To Make A Bookmark Easily At Home 1

Just now we checked the dog shpaed bookmark, now its time to please all cat lovers out there. Its a fun DIY origami project to make little kitten bookmark. If you follow the right steps mentioned in the tutorial, then this you will be able to make so make diy bookmarks in no time. To make this origami bookmark all it needs is a simple solid color paper and a knack for folding them. Tutorial/Source:

6. More Kitty Bookmarks

How To Make A Bookmark Easily At Home

This article is definitely a treat for all those people who love cats. Here’s another simple kitty bookmark you can make. Just print the template of the cat and cut it around the dotted line. Now, take a craft knife and cut the lower half inner grey line of the kitty leaving the outline. You can now clip on this kitty into the pages of your book and use it as a bookmark. Tutorial/Source:

7. Another Cat Bookmark 

How To Make A Bookmark Easily At Home

Meow meow! Another easy cat bookmark which is fully made out of wire. First you need to take a long wire and coil it in three to four circles. Later take the outer end, bend it into the shape of a kitten’s face and voila, you just make a cat bookmark Tutorial/Source:

8. Bookmarks That Look Like Greeting Cards

How To Make A Bookmark Easily At Home

These DIY bookmarks is very easy to make. Cute thing is it opens up like greetings. All you need is patterned paper or fabric, plain card stock paper, craft knife, colorful ribbons and a glue stick.

First take the card stock paper and fold it into two halves just like a greeting card. Here remember to make it in the shape of a basic bookmark. Then take a small piece of patterned paper or fabric and stick it on the inside. For that follow the dotted line of the picture.

Now on the other side of the card, draw any shape you wish and cut it out with a craft knife. Last but not the least, fold back the bookmark, punch a hole on the top and tie a ribbon around it. Feel free to write a small message on the bookmark if you want. Tutorial/Source:

9. Fabric Flower Bookmark

How To Make A Bookmark Easily At Home

To make a DIY bookmark, most of the times we use cardstock, paper or felt right? Now here is a completely different, washable alternative.  Its a floral bookmark completely made with fabric. To DIY this bookmark, you need to first create a fabric rosette. Then attach it to a strip of fabric that’s sewn into a basic bookmark. For a perfect finishing this bookmark project may need a sewing machine, but can also be done with hand.

This step by step tutorial will help you on how to make this beautiful bookmark. Tutorial/Source:

10. Ribbon And Hair Tie Bookmarks

How To Make A Bookmark Easily At Home

To make this another kitty bookmark, take a long piece of ribbon and attach a hair tie to it. You can do it probably by sticking or sewing it into the corners.

Now to give it an extra finishing, you can glue a button to one or both the sides of the area where you attached the ribbons and elastic together. For further step by step instructions follow this tutorial. Tutorial/Source:

We hope you enjoyed these easy DIY Bookmarks collection. For more such easy DIY craft ideas keep visiting our website.

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