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How Much Does a Bathroom Renovation Cost?

The cost of bathroom renovation depends upon several important factors. For starters, the size of your bathroom plays a crucial role in deciding the overall cost. One also needs to consider the quality of materials used in the washroom and the amount of work necessary for the space. This may include the type of fittings and sanitary ware you are installing. 

For most first-timers, bathroom renovations are never an easy experience. Although the process is exciting, it may render them tired and confused about the costs that they are paying for. It would always be best to keep up with the latest bathroom renovation costs so that there is less room for any inconvenience later. This article is all about that. Before we move on, it would be wise to check out the Caesarstone website for some more exciting content. 

The Ultimate Bathroom Renovation Cost

Since bathroom renovation is a complicated task, it requires comprehensive planning and consideration. The bathroom renovator has to look into several aspects of the space and transform them into the exact specifications you are looking for. So, a typical bathroom remodeling costs $5000 for such purposes. But as we have discussed above, this may differ according to several factors. So the person in charge of the bathroom renovation will customize the pricing according to the same. 

Average Cost By Bath Size

We all know that the size of the bathroom plays a primary role in deciding the cost of the renovation. Generally, you will notice that the homeowner spends more on remodeling master bathrooms. This is because they improve the resale value and promote everyday functions in the space. So you can look at the different prices we have slotted below for you. 

Powder rooms are generally small bathrooms that involve a sink and a toilet. Mainly they are used as guest bathrooms without enough showers. Since guests primarily use them, you want to make sure you create a lasting impression on them when they visit these spaces. That is why focusing on powder room renovation is a crucial task. In most cases, a powder room renovation will include new flooring and lighting, faucets, vanity upgrades, and toilets. They may also incorporate new wallpaper or freshly painted walls. So if you add all that up, the average cost for this job will be anything between $5000 to $10000. 

These are officially used for the guests that arrive at your place. In most cases, these guests are likely to stay over and use the washroom comprehensively. In that case, you want to give these bathrooms the right remodeling that they need. Generally, a guest bathroom remodel involves installing a new vanity to ease the guests’ experience, freshly painted walls to create a lasting impression, upgrading the shower or the bathtub to make them feel at home. The renovation of your flooring, lighting, and faucets also becomes crucial to enhance the vibe of the washroom. As such, the total amount may go up to $14000 to $20000. 

A master bathroom is one of the enormous bathrooms in the home. These are most likely to enhance the reputation of your home and make the guests stop and stare. If you use these washrooms to the fullest, you will be able to make every guest envy your home every step of the way. Generally, a master bathroom may incorporate replacing the faucets, improving the vanity, and adding a recessed shower caddy. You may also look forward to installing a frameless glass shower or a soaking bathtub to enhance the vibe of your washroom. Installing new cabinets may also do the job and allow your guests to accommodate their essentials in them without any inconvenience. Upgrading the floor tiles and adding new lighting may be a good practice too. As such, the average job cost may go up to $30000 or more. 

Other Features That May Affect The Bathroom Renovation Cost

The material you use in your bathroom renovation will play an essential role because it helps improve your bathroom’s durability, quality, and style. It may also affect the cost and are most likely to give your bathroom a budget-friendly renovation. Countertops like quartz are ideal for this purpose. Quartz countertops from Caesarstone can be your one-stop solution. Not only are they affordable, stylish but also likely to last for decades. They may also avail an assortment of options for you to pick from. So you can decide on the colours and patterns as per your likes. 

Amidst all the heavy bathroom renovation, we often forget to focus on the intricate ones. The sink is one of the most important parts that can make or break your bathroom game in no time. That is why it is wise to focus on them properly and let them affect your cost positively. Drop-in sinks, pedestal sinks, and other design styles are the best purchases you can make for your bathroom. But we highly recommend the drop-in sinks as they are quite an affordable option and offer versatile styles for you to pick from. 

If you don’t want to do much renovation in your bathroom, focusing on wall and floor tiles alone will do the job for you like no other. Make sure you go for the most popular picks like porcelain, natural stone, and ceramic to upgrade your bathroom. Don’t shy away from any other unique tile that your bathroom renovator recommends to you at an affordable rate. If it offers the features you are looking for in your bathroom, go for it. 

The size and style of the tub can influence the price in various ways. For example, if you install a freestanding bathtub, it is likely to make room for additional plumbing costs. So be careful and make sure you don’t overspend. 

The Bottom Line

Bathroom renovation can be an easy experience if you focus on the right tips and an ideal budget. By creating a comprehensive budget beforehand, you can save up on lump sum money that may have otherwise drained away in your bathroom renovation.

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