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DIY Christmas Festive Pancakes. This Dad Makes Creative Pancakes.

DIY Christmas Pancake ideas

What do you make serve your kids for Sunday breakfast? A pair of pancake, loaded with lots of Syrup on it?

But this creative Dad has taken simple pancakes to entirely next level. 

Nathan Shields, father of two children, first started making pancakes for his two kids a couple of years ago.

On making pancakes, Nathan documents his creations on this website.

But very soon, his pancake art became so famous that now people just wait for him to update his website.

Since its Christmas, he created incredibly delicious and creative pancake for all of his fans.

Using three shades of pancake batter colored with hot chocolate mix, Nathan was was able to create a Christmas tree, Christmas Gift, Christmas tree ornaments.

Due to his amazing illustration skills, these pancakes look too cute to eat. 

We got another reason to love pancakes!  Amazing! Isn’t it?

These pancakes are so adorable that I would think twice to eat it, but maple syrup would probably help me past the guilt.

Nathan also commissions pancakes to help charities.

This creative dad has a huge collection of other pancake designs which you can find on his on his website.

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