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7 Fun DIY Projects to Make Reuse of Beer Bottles

You might need some DIY ideas for all of those beer bottles that are hogging space in recycling bins.

Instead of disposing of your next empty bottle, consider putting it back to use with one of these fun diy projects.

Glass bottles can be re-cycled in so many ways.  For that doesn’t matter if it’s wine bottles ,beer bottles or booze bottles.

With a little bit of imagination, bottles can be turned into a number of things that we can actually use.

Why throw it away when you can make yourself a beautiful vase, or use it as a flower pot or even make an interesting chandelier.

1.) Beer Bottle Candle Holder

2.) Bottle Garden

3.) Beer Bottle Reinbeers

4.) Beer Bottle Bud Vases

5.) DIY Beer Art

6.) DIY Beer Bottle Goblets

7.) Beer Bottle Glasses

For more recycling DIY ideas like these keep on visiting Sad To Happy Project.

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