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Explore 32 gorgeous small bathroom ideas for everyone

Bohemian Bathroom Decor Ideas Trends

Here are Small Bathroom Ideas and Design Tricks to Make Yours Seem Bigger Than It Actually Is. Small bathrooms have tons of potential to be incredibly charming and functional.

10 Small Bathroom Ideas

1. Uncluttered Color Scheme in Dark Gray and White


This is a beautiful, modern design with a glass shower door and touches of elegance. It is simple, with a dark grey color scheme and clean lines, but the marble countertops add charm. The wood trim around the white cabinets also adds texture and depth to the area. These kinds of tiny bathroom ideas don’t feel small, especially with all of the innovatively designed storage options in and around the room.

2. European Minimalism Meets Luxury Hotel Style


Step into the luxury of a 4-star hotel with this small bathroom design. Marble tiling in the tub brings culture into the small space. The marble floor tiles follow the pattern of the tub and provides a consistency to the room in a striking way. The deep soaking tub features a rain shower and a hand-held faucet feature, which adds a touch of luxury to your daily routine, along with the beautiful glass shower door.The open towel storage solution will let you showcase your fluffiest towels, and remind you of your last stay in a luxury hotel.

3. Space-Saving Retro Sink and Clawfoot Tub


This solution is perfect for any person who loves retro-charm. A clawfoot tub provides old-school appeal and is the perfect place to soak or read. The exposed pipes of the pedestal sink complete the old-fashioned bathroom look. This small bathroom may not look out into a garden, but with plenty of light colors, and elements of nature, it can transport you to your own secret garden.

4. Lovely Eclectic Linens Add Textural Interest for a Small Bathroom


This modern bathroom is perfect for an in-city loft or contemporary home. The concrete flooring and exposed wooden ceiling provide amazing textures to this simplistic small bathroom. These simple elements are mimicked in the designs of the tub and sink, making the space look larger with a cohesive design. Linens on the undermount sink, rug, and shower curtain bring a touch of softness to this industrial design.

5. Yesteryear’s Glamour in Buttercup and Gold


This Victorian small bathroom design brings the appeal of times gone by. A classic clawfoot tub and simple pedestal undermount sink are contrasted by extravagant brass light fixtures. The sunny yellow and white color schemes are mimicked in the fixtures and linens of the room. A beautiful stained glass framed window brings in light while completing the charm of this old-fashioned bathroom.

6. Delicate Scandinavian Touches Boost Function for a Small Bathroom


Wood textures are on display in this modern small bathroom look. A ladder leaned against the wall above the toilet adds a practical storage solution, while bringing rustic, farmhouse elements into the room. These elements are imitated in the raised porcelain basin of the farmhouse sink and the wicker baskets that serve as storage solutions under the vanity.

7. Beachy Blue Wainscoting with Copper Accents


The beach is brought indoors in this ocean-inspired design. Nautical inspired wainscoting lines the ceiling and walls, in an ocean themed blue and white color scheme. The White tile flooring with grainy accents is reminiscent of the sand. Copper fixtures pop against the lighter colors and add richness to the room.

8. Ceiling Skimming Design Draws Eyes Upward

This is one of the small bathroom ideas that pack a lot of style in a tiny space. The white colors make the room seems brighter and bigger. Crown molding is placed below the ceiling line, which draws attention upwards, and adds height to the room. Rustic wooden shelves add open storage solutions, and a simple, geometric pattern adds texture without cluttering the room.

9. Expansive Mirror Optically Enlarges Space


The over-sized mirror plays a starring role in this small bathroom design. With its expansive size, it reflects the bright colors of the room and gives a sense of spaciousness. The plain lines leave the space feeling simple and uncluttered. The undermount sink brings an extra level of interest and acts as an accent piece to the space. Simple metal shelving acts as open storage, providing a simple, but a visually pleasing solution.

10. All-Over Drama with Weathered Wood


Weathered-wood paneling lines the walls and floors of this small bathroom, adding exciting details to the space. Contrasted by the dark walls, the white features of this small bathroom pop. The white, plain ceiling ensures that the space does not feel too dark or overwhelmed by the wood. The dramatic effects of this small bathroom make it the perfect solution for anyone who wants their small space to make a big impression.

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