This Artist Creates Landscape Embroidery Art. Its So Unique.

The craft of Embroidery is based on hand-sewing stitches, and encompasses many different forms of stitching. To embroider basically means to decorate material with needlework.

Embroidery is very easy. All you need is a needle, floss, an embroidery hoop, your imagination, and some material. But this Peruvian embroiderer and artist Ana Teresa Barboza has taken this art to next level.

A beautiful mix of drawing, embroidery and photography is what makes the creations of Ana so special. 

There is something magical about Ana Teresa Barboza’s embroidered images of landscapes. As the embroidery hoop hangs within the stark white space of the gallery wall it is as if you have pierced through the wall and now the outside is spilling in. Her embroidery seems to have no boundaries.

The lines between her art and the real world are blurred. Have a look:



embroidery-art-thread-landscapes-ana-teresa-barboza3 embroidery-art-thread-landscapes-ana-teresa-barboza4(Source:anateresabarboza)






(H/T: Treehugger , Thisiscolossal)

I am utterly awed and charmed by these gorgeous, dramatically textured landscapes. I love how the thread is carried out away from the embroidery hoop, thus making the hoop itself an integral part of the overall composition rather than simply a tool to construct the design.

You can see how Barboza sketches with thread in other works of art here and here

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