10 DIY Flower Planters To Make Your Windows Beautiful: DIY Garden Ideas

I am the biggest fan of flowers. They look so so beautiful.

Adding a plant to your home is the easiest way to surround yourself with a little bit of Mother Nature and as for those outdoor plants? They need some tender loving care too!

Flowers have always been a part of our live, whether we just like to receive them or having them in our homes. If your homemaking mantra, like mine, is “Never enough houseplants,” then you might also be ever on the lookout for fun, new planters to hold your green babies.

Why buy a window flower planter box for your outdoor space when you can make one instead? Creating a unique planter box at home will save you money and give your yard or deck a touch of your personality and style.

Here are 10 of the most amazing DIY wooden planter box ideas to give you lots of inspiration to make one for your home.

Check out what some amazingly creative people around the globe have used to grow a garden in – just about everything!

1. Cheap And Easy $3 Window Box

DIY Flower Planters

If you want a window flower planter box that is really cheap and really easy to make at home, this one is it. You make this with wood, that only costs a little over a dollar per board, and it only takes about half an hour to make one. You could add one to every window on your house for less than $100 – depending of course on how many windows you have.

Isn’t it look so beautiful.

Tutorial :Cheap And Easy $3 Window Box 

2. DIY Window Box From Upcycled Window

DIY Flower Planters

This DIY window box is made from an old window and it is perfect if you want to add a bit of rustic flair to your home’s exterior.  Rustic look gives that classy look to your home. This one is really easy to make and it is the perfect way to repurpose old windows. At your home  if you find just a few old wooden windows , then this window DIY flower planter box won’t cost you anything and it doesn’t take long at all to DIY.

Tutorial :DIY Window Box From Upcycled Window 

3. Easy DIY Cedar Window Box

DIY Flower Planters

This window box is covered in cedar, which makes it look beautiful. You make this one by layering cedar boards – which are pretty inexpensive – over a traditional cheap plastic window box. The result is a really cheap and really easy DIY window box that will look really expensive and professionally made when it is finished. If you love gardening and doing DIY projects, then this project is for your guys.

Tutorial :Easy DIY Cedar Window Box 

4. Simple One Day DIY Window Boxes

DIY Flower Planters

Window boxes add charm and a splash of color to a home’s exterior. This project is ideal for a novice DIYer and can be completed in a day.  Paint it whatever color you need to match your existing outdoor decor and then add your favorite plants or flowers.

Tutorial :Simple One Day DIY Window Boxes 

5. Easy DIY Planked Window Boxes

DIY Flower Planters

These boxes hold potted plants and provide drainage so they can hang around for a long time. The box is easily adapted to your window.  The window boxes are centered on the window and can be slightly wider for a single window or slightly narrower for multiple windows. I love how the final outcome looks like.

Tutorial :Easy DIY Planked Window Boxes 

6. Rustic Repurposed Wood Window Box

DIY Flower Planters

Find a simple divided light old window (or door) to display your window box so you can plan for the correct dimensions. Search for wood to re-purpose for the box… the best places to look are often your garage, a rebuilding center, a neighbors remodeling project or even thrift stores.  This one is really easy and is perfect for creating a farmhouse look on the outside of your home. You don’t even have to paint these when they are finished.

Tutorial : blog.hwtm.com

7. DIY Pot Holder Window Box

DIY Flower Planters

This stripped-down window planter can be built in less than an hour, yet the simplicity of the design resists rot far better than traditional window boxes. It really surprised me, how beautifully  the final look came out.

Tutorial :DIY Pot Holder Window Box 

8. Repurposed Gutter Window Boxes

DIY Flower Planters

What can you do to keep the growing season going? Make an indoor windowsill windowbox and bring the garden in!. Before buying materials for this project, make sure to check both the width and depth of the sunny windowsill where you will be placing your finished planter. This one is super easy and really cheap if you have some old gutters to use.

Tutorial :Repurposed Gutter Window Boxes 

9. DIY Plank Pine Window Box

DIY Flower Planters

This DIY flower box adds charm and curb appeal almost instantly. And once you’ve got the basic steps down, you can easily customize yours by making your own brackets, adding decorative molding, angling the ends of the box, creating a curved edge or adding any other unique details that make it feel like your own.

Tutorial :DIY Plank Pine Window Box 

10. Traditional Wooden DIY Window Box

DIY Flower Planters

Western red cedar was used to construct this window flower box project in one day. The naturally weather- and insect-resistant qualities of western red cedar wood make it an ideal choice for outdoor use.

You will of course, need to have access to a few power tools. You can add the brackets or leave them off if you want something a bit less old world looking. I think with little bit of practice and interest its really easy to make this DIY flower planter for your home. Whats say?

Tutorial :DIY Plank Pine Window Box 

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This is a great craft project that the whole family can work on! And it’s a great way to recycle your cardboard boxes

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