8 Most Popular DIY Trends Set For Outdoor Decoration In 2018

Do you wish to completely re-design your outdoor space and garden? Or maybe you just want to upgrade what you already have? Whatever it is, if you want your outdoor space to be on awesome condition and a relaxing haven during the warmer months, then here are the most popular trends that will dominate outdoor and garden decoration this 2018.

  • More Natural Wood

This 2018 showcase the nature’s beauty through simplicity and form by incorporating more natural wood into your outdoor design. The trend this summer season is toward less manufactured materials and the introduction of unpainted timbers. Stains and paints are replaced by clear finishes which allows the wood grain to be a focal point, resulting in a natural attraction which is inviting, subtle and warm.

  • Wabi-Sabi

Here is a stirring new way of just looking at your garden for the more hands-off individuals. The Japanese art of “Wabi-Sabi” has been practiced since the 15th century. It is simply the acceptance of the natural cycle of growth, decay, and death.

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The idea of her is balancing nurture and nature, so just sit back and be comfortable while you reflect on the beauty of your garden’s natural imperfections. Weathered pots, rusty iron gates, moss-covered stones, and overgrown perennials are suddenly the biggest trend.

  • Combining Fire And Water Elements

The addition of natural elements is popular this 2018. Featuring water is consistently a favorite backyard addition with its soothing flowing sound that adds peace and tranquility. Fireplaces and fire pits are also on the rise, adding warmth and a soft, ambient glow to your outdoor spaces.

  • Balcony Gardening

Balcony gardening steadily rises year after year. However, with more and more people living in rented properties or somewhere with little to no outdoor space in city areas, this new decorating approach is proving to be popular.

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Enhancing the available space, regardless of the size, provides an area to express style and creativity. Whether it is a windowsill, patio or balcony, there is a range of vertical structures and planting containers that allow you to grow foliage and various flowers.

  • Active Play Space

We all have this inner child, but not everyone chooses to just let it out. Also, we wish to play and bond with our kids as frequently as possible. If so, then you will surely fall in love with this trend since it paves the way for adults and kids alike to have fun. Creating an active play space in the yard where you can have fun and play with your kids as well as pets is always a great idea for family bonding and fun.

  • Alfresco Living

Outdoor kitchen areas and entertaining will be a popular trend for Spring and Summer 2018. It is perfect for those who lack space in their dining rooms or kitchens since you can move entertaining families and friends outside. Have a dedicated area with mood lighting and comfy furniture, complete with pizza oven, barbecue materials, and a sunken fire pit.

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  • Multi-Level Patios

The construction of multi-level patios has been steadily increasing in the past few years. Adding multiple levels can create an interesting composition in large outdoor spaces. Multi-levels define spaces for a few areas of activities that lead to an interesting flow. For instance, an upper deck can be used for dining and the lower deck is used for lounging.

  • Scandinavian Style

Lately, Scandinavian styles have been trending in interior designing. However, it doesn’t just stop there are chooses to make its way to outdoor designing as well. You only need to decorate your outdoor space in light tones colors where the most dominant color is white. You can include white paints in the decking or garden fencing. The rest is up to you, however, do not wander off the Nordic style, and so try adding fake fur rugs and some candles.


A new year usually brings with its intentions and plans to make some positive changes in our lives— whether it is family, career or health-related. But, what about our gardens and homes? They work really hard to provide us with a comfortable and relaxing base all year round, so at the very least, they deserve to be kept on-trend as the New Year rolls in, right?

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