This Unique DIY Branch Shelf Will Give Rustic Look : DIY Home Decor

You’re just a few steps away from having an original shelf for your stuff 🙂 

We are constantly trying to include nature into our homes by growing plants inside the house and by using other symbolic elements. But how about something that’s both simple and of great impact? 

If you want a truly unique shelf to make a whimsical rustic decor statement, try building this branch shelf. Made of real tree branches it is more wall art than a storage unit.

This branch shelf is a great environmental alternative to the more common shelving units. And not only is it eco-friendly, it is also cost effective. Some of the essential things you need for this crafty DIY project is a tree branch, some screws and a saw. Simply find your desired tree branch, trim off any excess bumps, and use screws to drill the tree branch into your wall. 

This is our today’s featured DIY Project. Learn how to make it with below step by step tutorial.

Tutorial : DIY Gemstone Soaps Recipe

diy home decoration ideas room branch shelf

While this creative shelving project may not hold anything extremely heavy, it can certainly display a few of your cute little personal items.

The video above will walk through the the process and give you some solid tips. If you are a confident (or crazy adventurous), then that video might just be enough for you.

Forget boring storage, we love these designer bookshelves resembling trees and branches, for style-savvy kids and adults alike. These shelves are great for small spaces, taking your stuff off the floor and organizing it on what is typically wasted space – the wall!

Offering an interesting way to store and display your collections, this stylish storage solution has as much fashion cred as it does function. We love the organic inspiration behind these bookshelves, each with its own distinctive style spin.

A truly great gift is one that makes the recipient’s life easier and is used on a daily basis. This DIY branch shelf can do both of those things.

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