10 Super Cool and Easy To Try DIY Flip Flops Ideas

diy flip flops

In Summer there in nothing more joyful and comfortable than a simple flip flop, short DIY jeans and a handmade popsicle in hand.

What else you want in life? Today to get more D.I.Y. inspiration, we have collected a wonderful collection of diy flip flops.

These handmade flip flops are something simple, creative, comfortable and very inexpensive for you.

These projects require very little to no sewing skills.

Prepare a pair of inexpensive flip flops, some scraps of your favorite fabric and a glue gun to protect your construction.

Literally you can stick any attractive thing on your flip flop.

Just stay here and have a look ! Enjoy!

1.) Lovely DIY Coral Flip-Flop Idea with Paillettes 

diy flip flopsimage via www.trinketsinbloom.com

2.) Another Amazing DIY Idea to Give a New Look to Your Old Flip-Flops

diy flip flops

image via www.trinketsinbloom.com

3.) Easy and Quick Braided Fabric Idea to Try at Home 

 diy flip flops

image via www.mycraftilyeverafter.com

4.) Cute Crochet Flip-Flop Idea 

diy flip flops

image via www.petalstopicots.com

5.) Runway Inspired Idea to Create at Home 

diy flip flops

image via diy-enthusiasts.com

6.) Easy to Make DIY Project with a Piece of Fabric 

diy flip flops

image via indulgy.com

7.) Luxurious Flip-Flops with Pearls

diy flip flops

image via www.buzzfeed.com

8.) Accessorize Your Plain Flip-Flops in a Few Steps

diy flip flops

image via www.icreativeideas.com

9.) Interesting and Fun Diy Project with Balloons 

diy flip flops

image via goddessinthehouse.com

10.) Gorgeous Pink Flip-Flops with Pearls 

diy flip flopsimage via www.bloglovin.com

(Via: fashiondivadesign )

Before you dare to bare your naked feet this season, we suggest that you give one or two of these DIY flip flops a try.

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