5 DIY Designer Sunglasses for Women. Its Crazy! Part II

They say its never too late to cultivate a good habit. Wearing sunglasses is one the best habits.

Still a great number of people who do not understand, how much damage harmful UV rays can make to your eyes.

UV rays are so harmful that it can cause short-term and long-term effects on eyes health.

So moral of the story is always wear sunglasses in daylight to take a good care of your eyes.

Do you really need another reason to wear sunglasses? 

Are your sunglasses are dull, unattractive and you dont feel like wearing them.

Wait Wait Wait , don’t throw it way.  We have a great idea to re-sign your old sunglasses.

This is super exciting. 

Be creative and get shady this season with these DIY top designer sunglasses. Cheers!!!!

1.) This Elegant Handmade Fashion Eyewear

handmade designer sunglassesalittlebirdyblog.com

2.)  This Funky Party Sunglasses To Be a Center Of Attraction

diy party sunglasses frame(Via:BuzzFeed/ sassyriot.com)

3.) Very Girly Super Colorful Floral Theme Based Sunglass

diy sunglasses ideassource

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4.)  Another simple party idea

handmade eyeglass frames


5.) Take some extra efforts to drill hole and cross stitch to make this design.

diy sunglasses frame

Check out the full tutorial :

DIY Embroidered Sunglasses Tutorial 

Share these ideas with your family and friends.

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