17 Cute Meals That Will Make You Never Want To Skip Lunch Again. Too Cute To Eat.

japanese-food-art bento

I consider myself a very lucky because my mom is an outstanding cook with a diverse range of foods. Do you remember the food art created by a very creative mother Samantha Lee. Well if that was not enough then here is another post on food art. 

We are always told not to play with our food and eat it properly. But how can we resist when it’s this attractive? The Japanese Food Art is very famous for its pleasing meals, usually packed in an equally charming bento box. Bento are prepared with the utmost care and its ingredients are selected not only for their flavor and nutrition but also for their aesthetic appeal. Bento packaging can be quite elaborate and is carefully matched with the food for an appealing presentation. 

Check out these seventeen insanely cute examples. Take a look and ask yourself, would you be able to take a bite? Most people in Japan eat at least one bento a week.


1.) Sleepy Rice Bear

japanese-food-art bentoJapan Talk

2.) Cute Kitten Soup

japanese-food-art bentoFlickr

3.) Polar Bear Curry

japanese-food-art bento1adt

4.) Elephant in The Garden

japanese-food-art bentoJapan Talk

5.) Angry Egg

japanese-food-art bento Japan Talk

6.) Orange Seller Bread Manjapanese-food-art bento Japan Talk

7.) Panda Family’s Attack On Curry
japanese-food-art bentoJapan Talk

8.) Panda Sushi
japanese-food-art bentopinterest

9.) Rice Curry Hot Spa

japanese-food-art bentoImgur

10.) Polar Bear Ayurveda Spa

japanese-food-art bentoAtmeal

11.) Bread Bunnies

japanese-food-art bentoFlickr

12.) Marshmallow Kitijapanese-food-art bentosanpasta

13.) Brown “Chewie” Noodles

japanese-food-art bentoDisposable Aardvarks

14.) Relaxing Cat Eggs

japanese-food-art bentoFlickr

15.) Korilakkuma Bitejapanese-food-art bentoohmyfoodgood

17.) Spa girl and Her Spa Kit

japanese-food-art bentoJapan Talk

I wish to have bento box daily for my lunch. Don’t forget to share with your friends.

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