10 Christmas DIY Craft Ideas To Make Your Home Welcoming

How many  of you really try to make diy crafts in Christmas?? Raise your hands.. Well, if you are like me then you may plan to create big giant crafts and end up doing nothing.

But trust me guys, there are so many simple and easy to do Christmas DIY crafts projects. We dont have to overwhelmed or get stressed at all.

Today I have collected these amazingly easy to do Christmas craft ideas. And I hope you will like it.

Happy crafting everyone.

1. Yarn Ball Wreath

Christmas DIY Craft Ideas 3

Check this traditional Christmas DIY wreath. This yarn ball wreath has perfect rustic touch. Dont you think its very easy to create this wreath. You can try so many different colors and sizes of yarn. Further if you wish then embellish it with ribbon, twine, burlap, or whatever as per your choice . Source: cherishedbliss

2. JOY Door Hanging

Christmas DIY Craft Ideas 7

This Christmas spread more JOY with this gorgeous Christmas DIY door hanging. I love DIY rustic decoration ideas and if you too love rustic decor then give a try to this DIY Christmas craft. Burlap is such a wonderful holiday decorating material. In just few minutes you will be able to create this and spread JOY in your house. You can also write some other messages if you wish. Later take it to next level by adding berries, bells, or anything Christmas special decoration to it. Source: 20northora

3. Traditional Christmas Swag

Christmas DIY Craft Ideas 9

Okay, so you may wish to give a fresh traditional hanging on your door. All you need some trimmings like fir, pine, etc., along with a wire coat hanger, some floral wire, and a few other supplies. Grab whatever decorations you want to spruce it up from burlap ribbon to bells. This is such a festive swag and really easy to make. Source: fynesdesigns

4. Santa Wreath

Christmas DIY Craft Ideas 11


Be more creative and try this DIY santa wreath this season. Its very simple and anyone can do it. You can involve your kids in making this adorable DIY Christmas wreath. Source: babyrabies

5. Ornament Hanging

Christmas DIY Craft Ideas 8

When you finish with all your DIY Christmas decoration then you may end up having so many extra ornaments. Its time to use those extra ornaments to create this elegant door hanging. Its so easy that you can create it in less than an hour. All you need ornaments, ribbon, and fishing line. String the ornaments together into whatever shape you want, and then finish it off with festive ribbon and other embellishments. Dont you think its a gorgeous hanging and perfect for Christmas? Source: designdininganddiapers

6. Candy Cane Wreath

Christmas DIY Craft Ideas 5

Make your kids happy by trying this another non-traditional Christmas wreath idea. As you can see, it is made up of candy canes that you tie together with wrapping ribbon. It’s so easy and really a yummy gorgeous looking wreath when you get it finished. The only thing you need to do is keep your kids away from eating this Christmas candy wreath :P. Source: thecraftyblogstalker

7. Gift Wrapped Door

Christmas DIY Craft Ideas

Door decorating has lot of importance in Christmas. Its the entry way for your guests, joy and happiness. This gift wrapped front door is an excellent way to dress up your entryway. Not all like the idea of making a christmas wreath and if you are one of them then try this Christmas DIY door decor. It’s even got a tag with your name on it! All you need is a ribbon, black card stock, a marker, and command strips to pull it off. Source: lizoncall

8. Snowman Entry Door

Christmas DIY Craft Ideas 4

If you have made a snowman wreath in last season already then how about trying this snowman door? This is such a cute look and kids will absolutely adore it. It looks amazing if you have a white door, but you could do it in any color by trying different color combinations. Create your snowman face and use a ribbon for the scarf. Dont you think its an easy and cute Christmas DIY project! Source: thecreativestamperspot

9. Door Tags

Christmas DIY Craft Ideas 10

I have never tried to make something like this for Christmas. These are giant door tags. They look great and you can write anything you wish. Like you can try messages, enter with smile, anything..Decorate with red berries to really give them a festive look. Source: thewoodconnectionblog

10.  Santa Hat Door Hanging

Christmas DIY Craft Ideas 6

This Santa hat is full of festive colors. Fell free to fill it with anything from flowers and greenery to those tiny foil presents from the Dollar Store.  Source: thespohrsaremultiplying

I hope you enjoyed this collection of Christmas DIY Craft Projects and Ideas. If you are going to try any of these projects then thats amazing.

I wish you merry Christmas in advance. Lots of love.

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