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20+ DIY Outdoor Bars to Level Up Your Party

Building or setting up an outdoor bar is a surefire way to make your exterior space a destination for friends and family. DIY outdoor bars are a great solution to this issue, but it can also be difficult to come up with DIY outdoor bar ideas that fit your existing home decor.

20+ DIY Outdoor Bar Ideas for Your Home

Your outdoor bar can be as simple or sumptuous and you want and can afford. It can complement the style of your home, or be a signature oasis with its own vibe that makes your staycation feel more like a private getaway.

1. Unique Wooden Crate Bar on Wheels


This awesome bar has built-in shelves that are useful and look fantastic as well. You can use them to hold glasses and bottles, or you can turn it around and use them as display shelves for your outdoor decor items. It is made from wooden crates, wheels, and one large piece of MDF. It is a very easy DIY project that you can complete in an afternoon. Your guests will definitely take notice of your cool outdoor bar at your next party.

2. Outdoor Bar Cart with Plant Stand


Show off your favorite plants with this fun bar cart. The top holds everything that you need to share refreshments with your guests while the bottom two shelves can display plants, flowers, or other decorations. This handy cart has two wheels so it can be tilted slightly and moved if necessary. It also has two storage drawers to store bottle openers, beverage napkins, and corks.

3. DIY Outdoor Buffet Stand with Tiled Top


Stunning does not even begin to describe this outdoor buffet stand. Two metal cabinets were given new life when a tiled top was added to bring them together. There are shelves inside to add some much-needed storage for glassware, napkins, and anything else that you need for outdoor entertaining. There are also doors on the cabinets to keep everything dry and clean. The gorgeous, tiled top makes this buffet table one-of-a-kind.

4. Upcycled Potting Bench as a Beverage Cart


Potting benches make the perfect outdoor beverage cart. Instead of putting potting soil in the containers, you can add ice. Instead of hanging tools from the hooks, you can hang bar towels or bottle openers. You can customize the color by painting it so it matches your decor if you would like it to really stand out. This is truly a cute way to add some fun to your backyard, patio or deck for your next outdoor party.

5. Sleek Metal Bar Cart on Wheels

This bar cart is perfect for smaller spaces. It is on wheels, so it is super easy to roll right into any space. With three shelves, there is plenty of space for everything that you need. An added basket on the bottom shelf keeps smaller items from tumbling out, and it definitely adds to the look as well. There is plenty of room for a variety of beverages as well as ice, napkins and other accessories.

6. Outdoor Metal Bar Cart Makeover

This old metal cart was rusty and dirty, but it was given new life and looks just fabulous. You can use this DIY to transform an old cart too. With a little bit of scrubbing and the right kind of paint, you can make the perfect beverage cart for your outdoor entertaining area. The open shelves are perfect for grabbing what you need quickly. They could also just be used to display some favorite decor.

7. Best Outdoor DIY Murphy Bar

Clean-up is a breeze with this awesome outdoor bar. The Murphy style allows the front to drop down just like Murphy beds do. Simply wipe it off and close it up. There is just enough storage to keep some entertaining items out of the elements when closed. When open, you will have a nice place to set your pitcher or to place some snacks.

8. DIY Wall-Mounted Fold-Up Table Bar

This clever table can fit in a very small space but provides the perfect table or bar top when it opens out. It would be the perfect addition to a small deck or patio. If you have a fenced yard, it would work great anywhere along the fence. What makes this bar so special is that it folds up when you are finished, allowing more room for other activities.

9. Upcycled Vintage Chair Beverage Stand

This unique idea is absolutely adorable and can be made in just a couple of hours at most. With so many different types of wooden chairs available at antique shops, you will have lots of options to find your perfect style. Simply replace the seat with a bucket filled with ice and some drinks, and you have the best beverage stand on the block. You can customize the look with different paint colors or wood stains.

11. Desk Upcycled Into Rolling Island Bar


An old desk gets a new lease on life when it is turned into a rolling island. This is perfect for an outdoor bar with all of the storage space. The top is made from reclaimed wood and rustic handles were added to the drawers. Wheels were the final touch to make this an amazing rolling bar. With so many different styles of desks available, you can definitely find a fun one in an antique store that you will love.

12. DIY Pallet and Paver Bar

Put pallets and pavers together to create one of the most unique outdoor bars you have ever seen. This bar is totally on-trend with cement pavers creating the top. Cement is very popular right now, and it is certainly great for outdoor use. Combine it with a couple of stabilized pallets, and you have a great place to serve drinks or to display your favorite outdoor decor items.

13. Upcycled Baker’s Rack Outdoor Bar

An old baker’s rack is the perfect solution to all of your outdoor entertaining needs. Most of them have built-in wine racks. They often have multiple shelves as well. Baker’s racks are traditionally made from metal and wood, both of which can be treated to last outside. You can pick up an old one at a second-hand store for a great DIY project.

14. Best DIY Pallet and Door Bar


With an old door and some pallet wood, this bar came to life rather quickly. The hardest part of this DIY may be choosing a paint color. The sample shown uses chalkboard paint in the center so they can write messages. The simple addition of a mounted bottle opener helped this to look like a beverage bar. Add a bucket with some ice and some drinks, and you are all set for entertaining.

15. Awesome Upcycled Patio Bar Cart

This bar cart actually began as a laundry sorter. The amazing transformation was made easy with some reclaimed wood and spray paint. The laundry sorter was already on wheels, making it simply perfect for entertaining. A bright-colored bottle opener and matching towel hook were added to the front to complete the look. You can customize the colors of the metal and the wood to match your personal style.

17. Upcycled Wooden Outdoor Bar Cart


When you see an interesting piece of furniture in a second-hand store or alongside the road, try to its potential. Perhaps it could be upcycled into a bar cart like this one. Some chalk paint, some wax, a cute stencil, and a glass rack is all that was needed for this transformation. There are so many ways to make these carts unique. The addition of the word “bar” on the bottom shelf of this one really made it stand out.

19. A Wooden Fold Away Murphy Bar


20. Small Table with an Ice Pail Base


24. DIY Outdoor Bar Ideas With Wash Basins


25. Lime Green Kitchen Cart for a Porch


26. Wooden Chair with an Ice Bucket Center


27. A Dual-Level Shelf for a Vineyard

29. An Outdoor Bar Idea made from Wood

30. Bucket Tree for Parties in Your Yard


31. An Ice Box Lined with Driftwood

32. A Wooden Bar Cart with Storage Galore

33. An Elevated Cooler Encased in Blue Wood


34. A Fold Away Surface for Outdoor Meals

35. An Old Stand with a Bucket Cooler


36. A Wooden Bar Cart for your Patio


37. A Simple Wooden Shelf to Hold Drinks


40. A Bar of Pallets for Your Garden


41. A Standing Bar for the Deck


42. DIY Bar designed from an Old Door


43. A Buffet Style Bar for Outdoor Parties


44. A Soft Wooden Bar for a Cabin


45. A Stained Wooden Pallet Bar on Wheels


46. A Recycled Pallet Bar Near a Hedge


47. Tile Toped Bar with a Midwestern Feel


48. An Icy Wheelbarrow to Keep You Cool


The first step to creating this outdoor space is deciding on the type of bar that you want. Do you need a large bar for weekend parties that you are going to throw, or are you going to need something that is smaller to accommodate your relaxation needs after a long day at the office?

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