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Best Christmas Tree Lights Show You Will Watch This Year.

Wawra Christmas Tree Lights Show, christmas tree decoration ideas

How would you like to decorate your Christmas Tree

Christmas is best represented by Christmas tree.

When it comes to Christmas trees, how can we forget about the most popular Wawra Christmas Tree Lights Show

The Wawra Christmas Tree Lights Show is all controlled by computer setup.

This is the 5th year of this light show. The height is 10 feet and has 7000 lights.

We are sure, you will love this show as its really cool and amazing.

Wawra Christmas Tree Lights Show 2014 plays on 2014 famous songs like “FROZEN” “Shake It Off” “Let It Go” “Fancy”.

Merry Christmas and enjoy the  Wawra Christmas Tree Lights Show. 


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