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7 DIY Tips for Decorating Small Spaces

With the rising cost of real estate these days, living spaces are getting smaller. Regardless of how small any house or room is, this should not be an excuse to compromise décor. Keep on reading and we’ll share some tips on how you can decorate small spaces.

Pick a Focal Point 

Rather than crowding a room with unnecessary décor, a good practice is to pick one that will serve as the focal point. This is what will draw the eye upon entering a room. A good option is a canvas wall art, such as what you will find at Shutterfly. To make it more attractive, complement the artwork with the right lighting. 

Go for White 

Your choice of color will have a crucial role when decorating a small space. White is one of the most popular. It can be boring, but this can have a calming effect. White walls paired with white furniture is a good way to make any space look bigger. To prevent it from looking basic, consider hanging an artwork. If you have no idea what artwork is best, check out the selections at Shutterfly

Add Light 

Light is essential for decorating small spaces. Utilize natural lighting, which is also a good way to go green at home. If a room is well-lit, it will create a sense of openness and will also make any area more liveable and breathable. Overhead lighting will be great because they can save floor space. 

Hang a Mirror  

This is one of the simplest ways to spice up the look of any small room. Mirrors can create an illusion of a bigger space. Add a large mirror on your wall. More than just being decorative, it can also be a functional piece in any room. To make mirrors more effective, add light since its reflection will also make any room look bigger. 

Choose Multifunctional Furniture 

Be smart when choosing furniture at home. Go for versatile pieces, which means that it should serve more functions than one. For instance, you can have a sofa bed so that it can instantly transform into a comfortable place for sleeping. Also, utilize spaces under the seats for additional storage. 

Display a Rug 

Rugs are under-rated pieces when it comes to home décor. It is cheap but can do a lot to heighten the personality of any space. Pick a large rug where furniture can sit. You can also go wall-to-wall if you want the rug to make the room look bigger. 

Get Rid of Clutter 

Getting rid of clutter in your home is the best way to decorate small spaces. Go for minimalism in your interiors. This will create a bigger space for you to move around. As a bonus, this will also make your home easier to clean and maintain. 

From choosing a focal point to getting rid of clutter, take note of our suggestions above to decorate small spaces. They will prevent small rooms from looking cramped while also adding more character to your home. 

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