6 Awesome DIY Game of Thrones-Inspired Decor Ideas to Try Today

While waiting for the premiere of the final season of Game of Thrones, why not show your love for the series by filling your home with Game of Thrones-inspired decor?

Not only will these DIY ideas transport you to the land of dragons, magic, and adventure that is Westeros, they will also let you add unique pieces to your home — without the hefty price tags of ready-made decor in stores.

So what are you waiting for?

All men must craft, after all, so prepare to get inspired as these ideas will really get your hands working.

Cornhole Boards

diy game of thrones ideas


Want to play some backyard games? Then take notes from these Game of Thrones-inspired cornhole boards. If you’re pretty good at handling wood, this is the perfect project to take on. The original maker placed House decals on the boards, but you can add your own spin to it by creating your very own sigils.

DIY Dragon Eggs

diy game of thrones ideas 1

Source/Tutorial: homechemistryset

Here’s a simple tutorial on how to recreate Daenerys’ dragon eggs using only polystyrene and thumb tacks.

Once finished, you can place the eggs in a small unused chest and display them on a shelf. Or you can also opt to give them as a gift to a fellow Game of Thrones fan.

Westeros Coffee Table

diy game of thrones ideas 2


User spikesplayfood took his Game of Thrones obsession to another level when he transformed an ordinary coffee table into a map of Westeros.

This project took a bit of wood craftsmanship since he added a lower layer to the table.

As for the top, he printed a large image of the map of Westeros and burned its edges for a rustic feel. Afterwards, he used Modge Podge to secure the map onto the table.

If you’re looking for something even more challenging, why not take this a step further and use papier-mache and paint to create a 3D table map like the one in Daenerys’ war room in Season 7? You can then finish up the project with chess pieces for plotting your very own adventures.

DIY Iron Throne

The Iron Throne is arguably the most iconic set piece in the Game of Thrones series, as it encapsulates all the power struggles and drama that we see on the show.

Even casual fans are familiar with the throne, given that many Game of Thrones-themed products feature it. Moreover, promotional materials for the series often place the throne as a central figure, too.

Companies that borrow assets from the show almost always make use of the throne as well, like how Telltale Games featured it on the cover of their Game of Thrones video game.

Similarly, the iron throne is also prominent in Slingo’s Game of Thrones 15 lines slot game. Like the previous title, this one also places the throne in its cover image, set against a mysterious dark backdrop and music straight from the show. This just goes to show how iconic the throne is, as it has come to stand for the entire show and its many characters’ lives and motives.

That said, who wouldn’t want their very own iron throne? If you happen to have an unused lawn chair lying about, you can use it to create your own throne. Just glue long pieces of plywood to the chair to serve as the swords. Spray paint the chair silver, then voila — an outdoor iron throne! Place this on your front porch and maybe demand passing neighbours to bow to their king! Or not.

Dragon Mobile

diy game of thrones ideas 5

While egg replicas are easy to make, the dragons themselves aren’t. But Krafty Kath’s dragon mobile project proves that you can still have the dragons present in your home in a creative way.

This DIY project makes use of simple black weight paper cutouts and wire, and can be finished within an hour or less. Krafty Kath got this idea from a Christmas crafts book she picked up on Etsy. If you don’t fancy the Khaleesi’s dragons, you can always replace them with other themed cutouts.

Westeros Cork Map

diy game of thrones ideas 6Source/Tutorial: gamerwife

If you want the map of Westeros on your wall instead of on a table, check out this cork map project. The main materials needed are some canvas and the cork sheets, plus a printout of the map as a guide.

Moreover, you can play around with this cork map any way you like. For instance, why not mark where each House resides with color-coordinated push pins?

For other wall decor ideas, you can also look to get inspiration from Sad to Happy Project’s article on 11 DIY Wall Decorating Ideas To Do Makeover of Boring Walls.

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