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When it comes to making fun kids crafts, age doesn’t matter. DIY kids crafts are so much fun to do. Trying these cute crafts with your little ones on a sunny Sunday will be the most lovable things that you will ever enjoy. Do you agree with me?

So today I have this super adorable collection of best 21 DIY Craft ideas for kids. Let me tell you in advance, you might simply fall in love with these ideas ūüôā Follow the links after each diy for step by step instructions. Happy crafting everyone.

1. DIY Cardboard Tube Tigger

Oh my god. This tiger based kids craft looks so adorable. Your kids will love this. If required help your little ones with the painting and the cutting. Other wise I think kids will be able to do this fun DIY craft project. Ohhh simply adorable. Video:Tutorial: craftsbyamanda

2. DIY Mickey And Minnie Ears

To create these adorable Minnie or Mickey Mouse ears, you need a cheap headband from the Dollar Store and some red, pink or black felt. While planning a trip to Disney World, these are a must for your little ones. What do you think? Also they are a great birthday return gift to give little ones. Raise your hand if you like this DIY kids craft project. Source/Tutorial: youbrewmytea

3. Bubble Wands

These easy DIY wands are a fun and engaging craft activity that kids of all ages will love. Great for Book Week, Halloween or a Harry Potter party! Source/Tutorial: we-made-that

4. Easy DIY Finding Nemo Craft

This adorable little Finding Nemo scene. Such a cute DIY craft for your kids. You need some paper plates. You can buy some cheap paper plates at the Dollar Store. This is a great DIY craft project for all the people who love finding Nemo movie. Do you agree? This one is actually much easier than it looks. Source/Tutorial: the-gingerbread-house

 5. Toilet Paper Roll Baby Farm Animals

If have a problem throwing away empty toilet paper rolls, and you always have plenty of these laying around the house. Then you got to try this craft for your kids. Its a golden opportunity to reuse all those empty toilet paper rolls. Its a fun craft for kids. Source/Tutorial:viewfromthefridge

6. DIY Mickey Mouse Button Paper Clips

These little Mickey Mouse paper clips are so so adorable. Its a simple and easy to do kids craft. All you need is a selection of various sized buttons, some standard paper clips and a hot glue gun to make these. Your kids will have a fun time. Source/Tutorial: thebensonstreet

7. Disney’s Inside Out Gumball Necklace

Almost all kids like Disney’s Inside Out and your little ones will have fun while making their own Inside Out necklace from gumballs. Trust me guys its very easy to make. Get a bag of gumballs from the Dollar Store for a dollar. Then puncture the holes and then ask your little ones to load their necklace with Inside Out colored gumballs. Source/Tutorial: almostsupermom

8. Craft Stick Crocodile Craft

I love this. Bring out your craft sticks and pipe cleaners to make DIY version of crocodile today! These little fellows look super fun, and what’s even more fun is that once your kids make them, they will be able to play with them.Ready? Let’s make this crocodile! Or alligator, whichever you prefer. Follow this tutorial for more details.
Source/Tutorial: easypeasyandfun

9. DIY Flower Bottles

To make this nice room decor, you’ll need some old juice bottles, colourful flowers and fancy tape, that’s it. Simple, easy and fun to do on a sparkling spring afternoon.¬†Source/Tutorail: studiosjoesjoe

10. DIY Disney Pirate Telescope

This DIY pirate telescope is popular in kids who love Disney pirates. Let your little ones play a role of Captain Hook or Jake the Neverland Pirate or Peter Pan!This DIY version of telescope is super easy to make and your kids will have a fun creating it. Would you like to try this one? Source/Tutorial: multiplemummy

11. Ladybug Fabric Scrap Fridge Magnets

I like DIY ladybug crafts as they look so cute. Its a super fun DIY craft for kids.These colorful little ladybug magnets also make great gifts when you need to have several on hand. Give it a try guys and enjoy. Source/Tutorial :craftsbyamanda

12. DIY Mickey Mouse Themed Crayons

Apart from paining crayons has great to do many fun DIY craft things. Like here you can use old broken crayons and help your little ones to turn them into these adorable Mickey Mouse themed crayons. For this buy a Mickey Mouse silicone molds at most craft or hobby stores. Then melt the crayons to create these Disney themed wonders. Such a fun craft ideas for kids. Source/Tutorial: rapunzelscrafts

13. Simple DIY Dumbo Lunch Bag Craft

Toddlers and preschoolers will love this little Dumbo bag craft. It is super easy and they are going to adore helping to make their own elephant puppet. Buy paper lunch sacks at the Dollar Store. Then all you need to do is a few basic craft supplies.This one is actually much easier than it looks. Source/Tutorial: craftideasforall

14. Disney’s Olaf In A Snow Storm Bottle

Start with an empty plastic bottle. Then add water, glitter and a few other craft supplies and you have the most adorable Olaf in a snow storm bottle. Trust me kids are going to have fun making this. This is such an easy DIY craft for kids. Would you like to try this one? Source/Tutorial: 30minutecrafts

15. DIY Paper Plate Cinderella Carriage

All Cinderella lovers out there, here is a great little project for you. This little paper plate carriage is so easy to make. I think its a great indoor project for kids who like Cinderella. What do yo think? Source/Tutorial: artsymomma

16. Frozen Themed Paper Roll Bracelets

This Frozen themed paper roll bracelet craft is for you if if you are thinking to host a Frozen themed party.These little DIY bracelets are so easy to make and they are gorgeous when they are finished. Reuse empty toilet paper or paper towel rolls to make this diy kids craft. Follow this tutorial for more details. Source/Tutorial: darcyandbrian

17. DIY Customized Disney Water Bottles

If you are planning a trip to Disney with your kids or you just want a quick and easy craft for your little Disney lover, these DIY water bottles are for you. These Disney bottles will motivate your little ones to drink plenty of water each day. Are you excited to create this DIY project? Source/Tutorial: houseofhepworths

18. DIY Disney World Autograph Book

This DIY autograph book is a must for your little ones while going for a Disney trip. What do you think? Easy to make. It will help to store your travel memories for many many years. I know its a old school idea but it has not lost its charm yet. Do you agree with me? Source/Tutorial: thecardswedrew

19. DIY Dumbo Face Masks

Kids like Dumbo Disney movie. So then how about making these DIY Dumbo face masks? These super cute elephant masks are easy to make. Anyone can make this adorable DIY craft for kids. You need some paper plates and a few basic craft supplies. What a wonderful idea! Source/Tutorial: bigenergylittlelearners

20. DIY Disney Inspired Desk Set

While doing homeword, kids spends hours at desk. How about making their desk fun place. This DIY Disney inspired desk set may help your kids to complete their homework on time. Red polka dot design looks nice. To make this diy you will need wooden clothes pins, Mod Podge and a few other basic craft supplies.  happy crafting. Source/Tutorial: dailydiylife

21. DIY Construction Paper Countdown Rings

If you have booked a trip to Mickey’s Magical Kingdom, then this diy is a great way to help your kids to count down the days. Are you excited to create this DIY kids craft project? Its fun. Source/Tutorial: takingtimetocreate

I hope you will try atleast one of these amazing best¬†diy crafts for kids. Wishing you an amazing happy crafting time ūüôā

Thats all for today guys, I hope you had an amazing time here. Do visit our website again for more DIY crafts ideas. Meantime you can connect with us on  Pinterest and Facebook.

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