3 Easy Jello Shot Recipes to Make The Most Boring Party Rocking

Easy diy homemade handmade Jello Shot Recipes

Everyone loves to party. Suppose you wish to host a party, what all things you will consider?

Party theme, guest list, decoration and of course preparation of yummy yummy mouth watering dishes.

Celebration is never completed without having awesome food.

Again when it comes to food everyone has different taste and preferences.

How about twisting your food menu by considering these jello shot recipes?

This best jello shot recipe not only looks attractive but tastes fantastic. 

You can try making it with different colors. Options are endless!

So Make up your jello and be prepared to party hard. Cheers!!

 WARNING: These Jell-O shots will make everyone love you.

1.) Watermelon Jell-O Shots Recipe

easy jello shot recipes watermelonVia buzzfeed.com

Check out the full tutorial : How to make jello shots – Watermelon Flavored

2.) Homemade Strawberry Margarita Jello Shots

strawberry margarita jello shotsVia buzzfeed.com

Check out the full tutorial : How To Make Strawberry Margarita Jello Shots

3.) Caramel Apple Jello Shots

yummy diy jello shot recipeVia buzzfeed.com

Check out the full tutorial : How To Make Delicious Caramel-Apple Jello Shots

Share these easy Jello Shot Recipes with you friends. Work Hard! Party Hard.

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