Top 12 Effective and Easy Ways to Organize Your Shoes

Everyone knows that shoe collections can easily get out of hand, especially if you have a large family. There are many shoe rack ideas available for you to select. Everything from do-it-yourself shoe racks to customized shoe cabinets.

One of the issues that most home owners are always facing is the low amount of space that can be dedicated only to storage in their homes.
Regardless if you live in a small flat or in a small apartment building or even in a normal family home, you won’t escape from this issue.

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Whichever shoe storage ideas you choose consider not only their functionality, but also their home decor wow factor. These DIY shoe storage ideas are so inspiring! Be sure to check out the full tutorial for each one that catches your eye!

DIY Ladder Shelves

diy ladder shoe rack organization

 This might look intimidating, but it is actually the easiest shelving system ever! Purchase a ladder + five boards of wood and you’ve got a beautiful tiered rack to display all of your shoes. Don’t have enough shoes? No problem — use it for books or decorative bins to hold smaller items. Via –  A Pair & a Spare

Use PVC Pipe To Make This Shoe Organizer


So, this simple yet cool DIY shoe storage is actually something I could benefit from doing. This project shouldn’t be too difficult to complete. You can get PVC pipe from your local hardware store and either have them cut it, or you can do it at home if you have a table saw. Via – Homestoriesatoz

Tailor Shoe Storage

shoes-organizing ideas

Getting the perfect shoe storage depends on the types of shoes that you wear. When we think of shoe storage we tend to think of heels and flats, and often forget about our boots. Whether you’re building a custom shelving unit or you’re getting a hanging organizer, when planning a storage solution for your shoes, make sure to take inventory and ask yourself – how many of each type of shoe do I have? How tall are they? What will accommodate their height? Via – Ariannabelle

DIY SHOE RACK – Ikea Bookcase Turned Shoe Organizer

diy-shoe-rack ideas

Ikea hacks are great and this one involves shoe storage, so it’s super great. An ordinary Ikea bookcase can easily be converted into shoe storage that is beautiful to look at and very effective in keeping your shoes in their place. You can create this DIY shoe organizer in just about an hour and has loads of space to store all of your shoes.
Via – Howtodiyright


With a few strips of board, you can create the perfect place to hang your heels in the closet. You just need the strips nailed or screwed to the wall, making sure that they are level. Then you just have to hang those heels on the strips by the heel. This works well for smaller spaces and you can get several pairs of shoes on one strip.
Via – Shanty-2-chic

Finding the Ultimate Space

easy shoes-organizing ideas

There are so many places where you can store your shoes. If you have the room to create shelves then you can put them in your master bedroom or closet. You can also use a vanity shelf to store them neatly and even those smaller shelves that hang on the walls are perfect for keeping shoes off the floor. Use your imagination when creating your shoe storage space.
Via – Brabournefarm

Build a Garage Shoe Storage System

diy-shoes-organizing ideas projects

If you have shoes in the garage, you can build your own system to store these shoes and keep them off the floor. This is a great idea for those who have muddy shoes or rain boots. Not only does it keep these items out of the house, the storage system keeps them neat and tidy in the garage and building it is relatively easy. You just need a few boards and other supplies and a day or two to devote to the project.
Via – Ourhomefromscratch

Organize by Style


If you tend to wear different types of shoes, flats, pumps, boots, etc., then you can organize your shoes by style. This way, you can go straight to the style that you want for the day without having to look through tons of tennis shoes when you are heading out to the office. You can even take it a step further if you have a lot of shoes and organize them by style and then by color.
Via – Marcusdesigninc

How to make shoe rack at home with cardboard

Check This Shoe Rack, If You Wish To Make DIY Shoe Rack Organizer

easy shoes-organizing ideas1

This thing holds so many shoes! It’s wonderful for organizing the closet, and will fit perfectly on the shelf above where I currently hold my shoes. You can easily get five or six pair on each section, and there are three sections, so you can imagine how many shoes you can organize. It took a bit of time to put together, but once I got it done, it’s as sturdy as any shoe shelf I’ve seen, and it’s lightweight but still durable enough to hold heavier shoes and boots.

Via – Amazon



If you have the space, you can just add a few shelves to your closet to hold your shoes. Adding shelving to one wall is a great way to keep all of your shoes together and have plenty of space for other things. This works best if you do have a rather large walk-in closet but you can put up new shelves in any closet where you have an empty wall.
Via – Eatsleepdecorate

PVC Pipe Shoe Rack

We hope you like this easy shoe organization ideas. You can easily organize all of those shoes into the perfect little pile and never have to worry about losing one again. There are many things that you can turn into shoe organizers that look great and are really effective at keeping everything neat and tidy in the closet.

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