24 Terrific And Delicious Halloween Food Ideas To Make Your Party Extra Spooky.


Halloween is such a fun holiday is because it brings out the hidden creativity by providing the ultimate some fun opportunities.Who says Halloween parties are just for kids? Here’s a menu that will please ghosts and goblins of all ages.

Watermelon skulls, brain jello shots, zombie dog cakes, and other ghoulishly good treats will have everyone howling with delight.

You just can’t miss to see some of these scary-good ideas to believe me. Take a look!

1.) Watermelon Skulls

creepy-halloween-food-ideas1Dimitri Tsykalov

2.) Jello Worms On Chocolate Donut Crumbs

creepy-halloween-food-ideas1Steve Chao

3.) Zombie Cake


4.) Zombie Dog Cake

creepy-halloween-food-ideas1Paul Joachim

5.) Spider Skull Cake

creepy-halloween-food-ideas1Karen Portaleo

6.) Band-Aid Cookies

creepy-halloween-food-ideas1Katherine Marie

7.) Eyeball Stew Cake

creepy-halloween-food-ideas1Wicked Little Cake Company

8.) Intestine Cake


9.) Zombie Hot Dogs


10.) Spider Eggs


11.) Frankenstein’s Monster Cake

creepy-halloween-food-ideas1Debbie Goard

12.) Brain Jello Shots


13.) Snake Cake


14.) BBQ Human Body


15.) Gravestone Cookies


16.) Brain Butcher Cake

creepy-halloween-food-ideas24April Robertson

17.) Witch Finger Cookies


18.) Guacamole Barfing Pumpkin

creepy-halloween-food-ideas1andreabuckettcooksSarah Hardy

19.) Jello Heart


20.) Black Spider Cake


21.) Turkey Cake

creepy-halloween-food-ideas1Sarah Hardy

22.) Candy Apple Ghosts


23.) Zombie Graveyard Cake

creepy-halloween-food-ideas1Elizabeth Forkey

24.) Dracula’s Dentures


(via FlavorwireBoredPanda)

Now, don’t you think the coolest thing about these foods is that they all sound delicious but at the same time look absolutely disgusting or terrifying.

I would like to have all these scary treats. Share these food ideas with your friends.

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