These 13 People Lost Their Limbs, But Not Their Senses of Humor.

What is your definition of strong people? Is it their muscular body? Well, here is the list of 13 people who might change your definition.

These people might have lost their limbs, but they certainly have not lost their senses of humor.  

What makes these people the strongest is perhaps the idea that they have come up to find a fun way to make light of their losses. 

Hopefully what these people have learned from life will inspire and uplift us. Check it out.

1.) These Kids Never Gona Forget This.


2.) OMG


3.) This is what happens when you are in no mood to visit hospital.


4.) Hey Hello, look at me.


5.) Hey Hey


6.) The Master

amputee-humor-jokesJosh Sundquist

7.) Now he can help people with this giant finger.


8.) Tribute To The Shark That Bit His Arm Off


9.) Santa was in hurry and did not pay attention.


10.) My Perfect Table.


11.) His Tattoo is the Sign of His Strength


12.) Shark Attack


13.) Oh, this one is very much busy in the market.

amputee-humor-jokes Tattoodo

(via Viral Nova)

 Strong person is the one who finds life in his imperfections. 

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