How To Do The Head In The Jar Prank : DIY Halloween Decorations

Looking for a personalized photo-related gag to pull for Halloween this year? Look no further than this head-in-a-jar prank. A good prank requires decent effort, creativity, and impeccable timing. It’s quite easy to pull off and doesn’t require too much time or money.

Now, everyone has jars in their refrigerator. People don’t expect anything from them; they’re just a normal piece of the kitchen ensemble. That’s what makes them perfect for pranks.

The head-in-a-jar prank is timeless. It’s not too gory, but it’s not too tame, either. It’s the perfect level of scare, and considering everyone’s already got a jar in their fridge, they won’t see it coming. Plus, thanks to mobile phones and Photoshop, a realistic head-in-a-jar isn’t that hard to pull off!

The basic ingredients of the prank are a print of your face, a large glass jar (free of designs on the surface), and some food coloring.

creepy halloween decorations ideas

diy halloween decorations ideas

This idea is by Mike Warren, who regularly posts crazy project ideas to his Instructables account. Learn how to make it with below step by step tutorial.

Tutorial : How To Do The Head In The Jar PrankHow To Do The Head In The Jar Prank

This prank is genius. Thanks to the wonders of optics and a simple Photoshop technique you can easily make a jar with a pickled human head inside. This will make anyone scream in the office or at home as soon as they open the fridge—such a great effect. The head-in-a-jar is simple, it’s cheap and it’s effective: the best kind of Halloween prank.

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