DIY Stress Ball : For Stress Relief Hand And Stretching Activity

DIY Stress Relief Ball hand Stretching

Life can be pretty stressful at times. There are instances when need a little help releasing all those overwhelming feelings. If something has been stressing you out lately and you need to replace a bad habit that is rearing its ugly head because of it (ex. nail biting, smoking, pen biting), try using a classic method to do so: the stress ball. It may seem silly, but stress balls can actually be extremely helpful at relaxing your mind and giving yourself a quick break from life. 

A stretchy stress ball is one of the cutest entertaining elements of all time that is also appreciated for it’s easy to make quality! You can actually craft this material with any home based components along with some effortless processes! 

Though they may be small, a stress ball is mighty powerful when it comes to quelling your negative vibes. Instead of just going to the store to buy one, make one of your own by following this easy DIY stress ball tutorial.

This is a low cost project that kids of all ages will love. So this is our today’s featured DIY Project is ‘How to make Stress Balls’. Learn how to make it with below step by step tutorial.

Tutorial : DIY Stress Ball For Stress Relief 

DIY Stress Relief Ball
If you’ve ever been sitting at work with a bad case of the Mondays, look no further than this DIY rainbow stress relief ball. When you need a squishy, 30-second distraction from what’s happening in the news or life, then this is the perfect craft to keep nearby.

This DIY rainbow stress ball is simple to create. Just add jelly balls to a balloon and tie it in place. That’s it! Then put all your excess energy into the ball. Just make sure if you have any leftover jelly balls to dispose of, throw them out and don’t dump them down the drain.

This DIY stress ball will not only keep hands busy but is also a fun craft to make! You’ve no doubt seen people squeezing stress balls before. Now you’re going to craft a DIY stress ball right in your own kitchen or craft room. Not only is this stress ball great for relieving your stress, the squishable craft also makes a fun gift for others.

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