This Man Used Old Pennies to Create House Floor. It Looks Awesome!

When it comes to floor tile installation, what sort of ideas come to your mind?

Well, for home decoration I am sure many of you have a great imagination power like this or this to make your house beautiful.

But have you ever considered decorating house floor with old pennies instead of traditional tiles.

A Reddit user jake0111 has done this.  His wife works in a tile store.

When they decided to replace their titles, he decided to do something unique.

Inspite of how crazy this idea may sound, you certainly can’t miss to have a look.

So this is how he started.


Creating something new will definitely take more time. But its worth.


Good he got a helper.


An extra pair of hands makes visible difference like this.


And yes, design its too important.


Still so much to do.

And finally its done. Great Job!diy-floor-tile-installation-replacement6

penny floor installation

Here is one minute tutorial on DIY penny floor installation. Check it out.


Isn’t it a non-traditional but nonetheless awesome looking floor.

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