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You wish to contribute to Sad To Happy Project? We are beyond excited to hear from you.

Sad To Happy Project is the ultimate platform we created for every creative person like you are.

We love working with other bloggers and promoting their creativity!

Now, you might wonder ‘What are the benefits of getting featured on Sad To Happy Project’.

Well below listed points might attract your attention

  • Daily more than 2000 visitors come and visit our website from all our the world. Thank makes more than 60,000 visitors per month. Our audience, they have a good taste. If you you submit your creative work. Sure, our audience will give you love and support. 
  • Getting featured on our website is free. However we just go for quality and originality. Our goal is lets grow togther. So we don’t charge anything to publish on our website.
  • We have active presence on social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter where we showcase your creativity in front another creative people.

Ways to contribute OR get featured on our web site:

1) Fill up the Contact Us form HERE:

Keep the subject as ‘Wish to Contribute’. Please provide us the direct post link of your web site.

By filling out this form you give us the right to post 1-2 of your project’s pictures.

A link to your project and credit will be given in the post.

Please be sure to submit original posts, that you own all rights to. Otherwise you will simply waste your time on contacting us. We have Spam!! 🙂

2) Link Party:

We have started a link party on every Thursday. You can submit your original web site/blog links here.
Visit our website on every Thursday to get featured. Check out our link party section

*Note : We can’t accept every submission. We’re on the look out for great pictures, Quality tutorials, and submissions that would work best on our site and impress our audience.

Thank you for submitting, It truly means so much to us. Even if you don’t hear back, Know that we are extremely thankful.

-Sad To Happy Project Team

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