50+ Beautiful DIY Tote Bags With Free Patterns For You

If we leave some exceptions, all girls love to have a collection of bags. A tote bag is large bag used for carrying a number of items.

Custom tote bags can add to a fun personal fashion statement.

diy tote bags handmade

Why spends tons of money on totes and purses when you can make your own at home easily and for a fraction of the cost?

So why not learn how to make some fashionable bags yourself? Handmade tote bags also make for a great way to wrap presents for parties or as an inexpensive but thoughtful thank you present that you can customize. Even if you're a beginner sewer, you can make a DIY tote bag that looks professionally made in a short time. 

Check out these 60 DIY tote bags ideas you can create right at home and add to your collection!

31. Peek-A-Boo Tote

DIY Tote Bags ideas

This adorable peek-a-boo tote has a chevron pattern sewn right into the center of the front. With the buttons at the top of the peek-a-boo section makes the bag is very stylish and unique. Choose your fabric print and try your hands on this tote bag.

Step By Step Instructions and Pattern: allpeoplequilt

32. Piano Inspired Tote

DIY Tote Bags ideas

Its totally unique and music lovers are going to adore this piano tote bag. It looks like the keys from a baby grand piano and it’s just so elegant and lovely. The hardest part is putting the keys together, which is not too hard. It’s a great tote bag to carry while going for your music class.

Step By Step Instructions and Pattern: boredandcrafty

33. Easy Pleated Tote

DIY Tote Bags ideas

This DIY pleated tote bag is really a classy one.  Due to its finishing you may assume its difficult to make but this pattern makes it really easy. With stylish handles this tote bag looks elegant. The pattern is really easy to follow. In fact once you finish creating one, you may wish to create another to gift someone.

Step By Step Instructions and Pattern: u-handbag

34. Roomy Post Office Bag

DIY Tote Bags ideas

Its so suitable to visit post office. You can carry notebooks, library books as well. You only need about one and a half yards of fabric, too, and the tote is big enough to handle a couple of mail packages, depending on their size.

Step By Step Instructions and Pattern: elsiemarley

35. Reversible Bucket Style Tote

DIY Tote Bags ideas

Bucket style totes are really cute and they can hold lot of  stuff. This stylish tote bag is easy to carry and make.

Step By Step Instructions and Pattern: sewmamasew


36. Gorgeous DIY Ruffled Bag

DIY Tote Bags ideas

This beautiful drawstring totebag made of soft cotton with a cascade of ruffles.
If you like ruffled dress you will like this tote bag. This ruffle pattern looks so very easy and it creates this gorgeous ruffled tote that you will love to carry everywhere. 

Step By Step Instructions and Pattern: wkdesigner

37. Market Tote With Ruffles, Ribbons, and Ties

DIY Tote Bags ideas

Like previous one this bag also has ruffles, ribbons, and ties. To make it more beautiful you can use flowers, buttons. These ruffled bags are so girly.

Step By Step Instructions and Pattern: sew4home

38. School Bag Styled Tote

DIY Tote Bags ideas

For those that loved the owl school bag enough to try it out for themselves, here are instructions to make your own. The strap is great, but the pattern lets you leave that off if you don’t want to make it. 

Step By Step Instructions and Pattern: projectsbyjess

39. DIY Scrunch Tote – Made With Fabric Scraps

DIY Tote Bags ideas

You don’t have to use scraps to make this, but you can. Plus, the strap is a belt – how easy is that? The strap belt makes this bag look super cool. Books, beach necessities can perfectly find their space in this bag.

Step By Step Instructions and Pattern: naechic

40. Easy Naughty Secretary Bag

DIY Tote Bags ideas

This sewing pattern is intended for a confident beginner or intermediate sewer. There are a lot of steps, but everything is do-able! It looks really professionally done when finished and would be the perfect for any lady who loves stylish bags.

Step By Step Instructions and Pattern: sewsweetness

41. Shirt And Tie Tote Bag

DIY Tote Bags ideas

This is one of the most adorable bags ever. To make this bag you need a man’s shirt and a tie.  It looks so unique and you need to decide for which occasion you can carry this awesome piece of your creation.

Step By Step Instructions and Pattern: makeit-loveit

42. Simple DIY Six Pocket Bag

DIY Tote Bags ideas

This easy-to-sew bag cleverly incorporates outer pockets for everyday necessities. If you need a tote bag that’s easy to make and has pockets for everything, this six pocket bag is the perfect project. It has three outer pockets on each side, so you have room to take everything you need and keep it neatly organized. So when you are going to make this multi pocket tote bag?

Step By Step Instructions and Pattern: bhg

43. Sling Style Tote Bag

DIY Tote Bags ideas

This sling tote bag was fun to make. This one is beautiful and handle make it really comfortable to carry. Its not too large or too small but definitely sufficient enough to hold all your essentials. 

Step By Step Instructions and Pattern: crazylittleprojects

44. Easy DIY Spring Tote Bag

DIY Tote Bags ideas

Tote bags are an easy and satisfying sewing project, and can also be a quick project if you are using pre-cut fabric, like tea towels. For this bag, use a set of towels or use fabric if you prefer but tea towels make it easy because they’re already cut. 

Step By Step Instructions and Pattern: homemadebyjill

45. Summer Perfect Tote Bag

DIY Tote Bags ideas

This project will teach you how you can use dish towels to make a tote bag. You need two dish cloths that are the same size and a yard of webbing. It’s so much easier to create tote bags when your material is already cut for you and this one is super easy. The handles can be short or long the way you wish to have.

Step By Step Instructions and Pattern: whatsthatgonnabe

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