50+ Beautiful DIY Tote Bags With Free Patterns For You

If we leave some exceptions, all girls love to have a collection of bags. A tote bag is large bag used for carrying a number of items.

Custom tote bags can add to a fun personal fashion statement.

diy tote bags handmade

Why spends tons of money on totes and purses when you can make your own at home easily and for a fraction of the cost?

So why not learn how to make some fashionable bags yourself? Handmade tote bags also make for a great way to wrap presents for parties or as an inexpensive but thoughtful thank you present that you can customize. Even if you're a beginner sewer, you can make a DIY tote bag that looks professionally made in a short time. 

Check out these 60 DIY tote bags ideas you can create right at home and add to your collection!

16. DIY Versatile Tote Bag

DIY Tote Bags ideas

This is  highly versatile tote bag. This bag is very unique, very easy to make, and full of possibilities. You can alter the pattern as per your wish and it will look great. The design of the bag is a bit creative. Make multiple different color bags and you’ll always have a stylish bag for every outfit and every occasion.

Step By Step Instructions and Pattern: vivatveritas

17. Beautiful DIY Flowered Tote

DIY Tote Bags ideas

This tote bag is gorgeous with its flowers and overall design. To make these handmade flowers you need some wool and buttons. If you wish to have this bag, you can complet in a day’s time. This is definitely one of those bags that’s perfect for gifting someone or keeping for yourself.

Step By Step Instructions and Pattern: tearosehome

18. Fold Over Bag

DIY Tote Bags ideas

This little bag is so cute and simple to make. As it a small bag, so you’ll only need about half a yard of material plus another half a yard for the lining. Make the handle long enough to wear as a cross body, like a sling bag. This is a really lightweight bag that can holds light things like lipstick, lipbalm , phone etc. It is not meant to carry heavy to carry.

Step By Step Instructions and Pattern: placetobloom

19. Freezer Paper Tote Designs

DIY Tote Bags ideas

This freezer paper design on tote bag is as easy as it is beautiful. You can make whatever design you want and the freezer paper helps to make it fabulous. The freezer paper bonded really well to the bags so the paint didn’t bleed at all, and the stencil lines looked really sharp.

Step By Step Instructions and Pattern: zitzmanfam


20. The Frou Frou Bag

DIY Tote Bags ideas

Another bag sewing pattern! This one is suitable for an intermediate seamstress and features pretty ruffled flaps, snap closure, and an adjustable strap! The small front pockets are also 3-dimensional. The beautiful detailing on this bag combines with functionality – it has 4 inner pockets and can hold a lot of stuff!

Step By Step Instructions and Pattern: sewsweetness

21. Simple Gathered Tote

DIY Tote Bags ideas

If you’re looking for a unique, funky new bag, The Great Gathered Tote is for you. Learn how to sew a drawstring bag with this simple, fun tutorial. This DIY tote bag includes colorful grommets and a bright drawstring that contrast beautifully with the classic black-and-white checkered pattern. Perfect for girls and women of all ages, the size is just right for carrying all of your necessities without too big and bulky. Make one for yourself and one for all of your friends and family members.

Step By Step Instructions and Pattern: allfreesewing

22. Gorgeous DIY Lined Handbag

DIY Tote Bags ideas

This beautiful bag looks like a designer handbag. It’s really inexpensive and has lots of room for everything you need to carry with you on a daily basis. Its a multi purpose bag so you could use this as a tote or as a handbag. It’s made of wool but if you not a wool lover , you could use any material you want. Wool does give it that nice expensive designer look, though.

Step By Step Instructions and Pattern: twinkleandtwine

23. Kids Busy Bag

DIY Tote Bags ideas

This bag is perfect for long road trips or anytime you need to keep the little ones busy with some creativity.This bag is big enough to carry all of your kids crafting supplies or some toys. It’s a lightweight bag so your kids can also carry it.  It has zippered pockets and a crayon pouch, we are sure your little ones will love it.

Step By Step Instructions and Pattern: crazylittleprojects

24. Leather And Canvas Satchel

DIY Tote Bags ideas

Bags can be so intimidating but with a little patience you can create this satchel that will have them thinking you bought it at the store! This great leather and canvas satchel is pretty easy to make and it looks like such a professionally made bag. Your man will never know you made it yourself.

Step By Step Instructions and Pattern: fleecefun

25. The Library Tote

DIY Tote Bags ideas

Whether you like things scrappy or streamlined, this bag is ready to go when you are.  Take it to the library or to the park, it’s big enough for all the essentials. Fill it with books, sling it on your shoulder and you’re off to the library!

Step By Step Instructions and Pattern: noodle-head

26. Repurposed Pillowcase Tote Bag

DIY Tote Bags ideas

This little tote bag is a pillow case that has been repurposed. This is super easy and quick to make, involving only straight line sewing. The straps actually take a bit more time than the bag itself, but still easy enough.

Step By Step Instructions and Pattern: creativekismet

27. Easy DIY Tank Top Tote

DIY Tote Bags ideas

Tank top totes are among the easiest tote bags to make and since tank tops are relatively inexpensive, they’re also among the cheapest to make. Before you pack away your summer clothes for the winter, you might want to set one of your tank tops aside to make one of these easy totes. The best kind of tank tops to use for this project are ones that have front and back necklines that are the same height—or very close. Otherwise, your tote bag will be lopsided. The brown tote is reversible, so the pockets can be on the inside or outside.

Step By Step Instructions and Pattern: craftynest

28. Bright And Cheery Market Purse

DIY Tote Bags ideas

With bright colors this tote bag looks stunning. The inside of the bag has a pocket and magnetic snaps to keep everything neatly in place. This bag is super cool to carry in summer or spring. It’s lightweight and will hold all of those outdoor essentials.

Step By Step Instructions and Pattern: fabricworm

29. Minnie Mouse Inspired Tote

DIY Tote Bags ideas

This is a perfect gift for a Disney fan. If your next trip is to visit Disney World, this would be the perfect tote for keeping sunscreen and other necessities on hand. Or, just make it to carry to the market. It has its own charm.

30. Outer Pocket Tote

DIY Tote Bags ideas

This tote has four outer pockets (two on each side).  It’s sure to have plenty of space for everything you could possibly want to carry while going to market. To make this bag you don’t need a lot of materials, just the basic fabric, interfacing, and a sewing machine. The pockets are easy to incorporate and give plenty of room to keep stuff.

Step By Step Instructions and Pattern: twoflychicks


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