50+ Beautiful DIY Tote Bags With Free Patterns For You

If we leave some exceptions, all girls love to have a collection of bags. A tote bag is large bag used for carrying a number of items.

Custom tote bags can add to a fun personal fashion statement.

diy tote bags handmade

Why spends tons of money on totes and purses when you can make your own at home easily and for a fraction of the cost?

So why not learn how to make some fashionable bags yourself? Handmade tote bags also make for a great way to wrap presents for parties or as an inexpensive but thoughtful thank you present that you can customize. Even if you’re a beginner sewer, you can make a DIY tote bag that looks professionally made in a short time. 

Check out these 60 DIY tote bags ideas you can create right at home and add to your collection!

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1. Easy Twenty Minute Tote Bag

DIY Tote Bags ideas

If we say you can make your DIY tote bag in less than 30 minutes do you believe?  This lovely bag is so easy to make that even beginners. It does not require much fabric.  You can make so many like this in one day and give them as gifts.

Step By Step Instructions and Pattern: purlsoho

2. Basic Booty Bag

DIY Tote Bags ideas

To make this booty bag you can recycle your old jeans! This repurposing old jean project gives you an amazing tote bag when you’re finished. The bag is just a basic bag, so there’s no lining. Denim lovers will love this tote bag. Just keep in mind that the size of your jeans will decide the size of your tote bag.

Ste By Step Instructions and Pattern: thelongestyear

3. DIY Mini Book Tote

DIY Tote Bags ideas

This tote bag really doesn’t take much in the way of supplies. The main material you will need ,two fat quarters – one of the inside and one for the outside – and some fusible fleece interfacing. If you choose a directional fabric, you will need to use more than one fat quarter per side. If you follow its DIY step by step instructions, it wont take more time to make this bag.

Step By Step Instructions and Pattern: crazylittleprojects

4. Braided Handle Tote Bag

DIY Tote Bags ideas

This beautiful braided handle bag is such a wonderful bag for spring. And it is lightweighted. Whatever colors you choose, it will look gorgeous. The cutest thing is it has a little pocket inside for storing smaller items. Again its relatively easy bag to make with less  supplies. So for which occasion you will like to make this bag.

Step By Step Instructions and Pattern: purlsoho

5. Adorable Leather Bucket Bag

DIY Tote Bags ideas

If you try this DIY tutorial,Yes, you can make your own leather bucket bag and it will look like you bought it at one of those high end department stores. Actually its very easy to make this tote bag and you are going to love showing it off and letting people know that you made it yourself. When it comes to leather, dont be hurry. Make sure that you sew really slowly, so that your stitches stay straight.

Step By Step Instructions and Pattern: brit

6. DIY Rustic Patchwork Tote

DIY Tote Bags ideas

Now this is little different. Its a patchwork tote bag. It has that wonderful rustic look and it’s really easy to piece together. If you notice, there is a bright little ruffle toward the bottom and a big button holds it closed. Old is gold, our grandmothers used to carry this kind of bags. Patch work on this bag makes it uniquely beautiful.

Step By Step Instructions and Pattern: mypatchwork


7. Compact Tote Bag With Surprise

DIY Tote Bags ideas

This tiny little tote bag is so unique in itself. But here comes the surprise part as it holds a full sized tote bag inside. This is perfect for beach vacation, shopping! You can carry the small bag and then flip it out and use the larger bag to hold your purchases.

Step By Step Instructions and Pattern: sudarushka

8. Comfortable Denim Tote Bag

DIY Tote Bags ideas

If you like earlier denim tote bag then this another great denim upcycled tote bag is for you. It looks like a huge traditional tote bag and good to carry all sorts of items. The handle is long enough to carry on your shoulder and the lightweight bag won’t drag you down. Recycle your old denim jeans to make this bag. You only need the legs of your old jeans.

Step By Step Instructions and Pattern: craftingagreenworld

9. Colorful DIY Dish Towel Tote Bag

DIY Tote Bags ideas

This is probably the most impressive tote bag I’ve seen in a while. You make it with dish towels. You only need two standard sized dish towels per bag, so there’s not a lot of material needed. You can easily find dish towels on sale at the Dollar Store for a dollar each. Just imagine the number of bags you could make! I love the simplicity of this pattern and it’s a great project to share with little ones.

Step By Step Instructions and Pattern: annamariahorner

10. Dish Towel Library Tote

DIY Tote Bags ideas

Well, if recycling of old denim jeans was not enough, we have another recycle diy. This is tote bag that you can make from a dish towel, and it’s perfect for letting little ones carry their notebooks. This one only requires one dish towel and matching thread. You can involve your little ones while making this tote bag.

Step By Step Instructions and Pattern: ihavetosay

11. Easy Reversible DIY Tote Bag

DIY Tote Bags ideas

In just couple of hours you can make this easy DIY tote bag? This is reversible bag. That flower print looks gorgeous on it.  There are endless options to add more prints and make this bag stunning.

Step By Step Instructions and Pattern: instructables

12. Beautiful DIY Doily Canvas

DIY Tote Bags ideas

First buy a canvas to make this bag.  Once you have your canvas ready, take some colors and start paining on it. This is a wonderful way to dress up a boring old bag and make it fabulous.

Step By Step Instructions and Pattern: ashleyannphotography

13. Dress Stitchery Tote

DIY Tote Bags ideas

This dress stitchery method of making a tote bag leaves you with a gorgeous bag that is very reminiscent of old time dresses. You will love the overall look of the bag. It has a great embroidered dress design in the center that is also really easy to make. So ladies when you going to shower your love on this elegant and old-time tote bag.

Step By Step Instructions and Pattern: amelieandatticus

14. Easy French Seam Bag

DIY Tote Bags ideas

This bag,it is easy and produces a nice, sturdy but lightweight tote bag. The construction is really simplistic.The bag is unlined and uses french seams to create a nice, neat inside with no exposed seams.  But don’t worry, it isn’t hard! For a smaller bag, you will only need about half a yard of material.

Step By Step Instructions and Pattern: needleandspatula

15. Easy Denim and Gingham Tote

DIY Tote Bags ideas

This is a really great bag if you are into gingham and denim. This one is also such an easy bag to create. All you need is two pieces of fabric, denim and gingham, about 18 by 40 inches long. To create this bag, just put your fabric together with the right side facing in and sew. Later add the handles and go are good to go. There are some additional steps, but you got a basic idea, right?

Step By Step Instructions and Pattern: catcancook


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