This Poor Dog Was Found Covered In Tar & Was In Deep Trouble, Until A Helpful Team Showed Up To Free Him.

A five-month-old dog poor dog had fallen into a pool of hot tar that completely smothered his body. The dog was spotted after some time in Rajasthan, western India and his entire body had became rock-solid.

The dog was  unable to move after the thick, sticky substance solidified – coating its fur in a rigid layer of tar. A passer-by spotted the dog and dialed the help line of Animal Aid Unlimited of India who immediately came for rescue operation. 

The rescuers spent hours massaging a large amount of vegetable oil into his body to loosen the tar, avoiding the use of kerosene because of its harsh effects on skin. The entire rescue was completed over the course of took two days. When completely free of the tar and grime, the difference was shocking.

At the end of the video, the dog is unrecognizable.

(Source: Animal Aid Unlimited, India)

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